Cleaning fan raves about B&M’s £1.99 Unstoppables fabric spray saying it’s BETTER than Febreze…but others spot a problem

CALLING all cleaning fanatics, it appears there's a popular product on the shelves in B&M that'll keep your home smelling fresh – and it's certainly got people talking.

But while many are desperate to stock up on the Febreze Unstoppables fabric spray, some people aren't convinced and have spotted a teeny tiny problem.

Raving about the product online, one cleaning fan shared a snap of her fav new obsession in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, writing: "£1.99 B&M smells stronger than Febreze."

But while thousands flooded to the comments expressing their eagerness to try it, others pointed out that the product is IS Febreze, not like it, and that it's clearly written on the label.

The comparison product is the Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray Cotton Fresh, which people use on bedding and other soft furnishings.

But the product in question, however, seems to be a part of the Unstoppables range, which promises two times more "scent power" than the traditional version.

  • Febreze Fabric Refresh 500ml, £1.99 from B&M – buy here

One woman pointed out the fact by saying: "It says febreze on bottle. Just different fragrance is it."

And another questioned: "You need to try the febreze that's stronger than febreze?"

While a third agreed: "'Febreze un stoppables' it is febreze."

But the revelation hasn't stopped many from wnating to give it a go, with thousands of people sharing thier thoughts.

"Omg I need this in my life," one person said.

While another raved: "Absolutely amazing this smells sooooo strong addicted already."

Some even suggested saving the money and making it themselves instead, claiming it's pretty simple to do.

"I make my own softener bit fabric and water last and saves money they will go up to some mad price, " one person shared.

While another chimed in saying: "Ugh, I make my own for nothing"

And another agreed: "Can make homemade spray will hot water. Unstoppables in empty febreeze bottle works."

Others also questioned the price, with many saying the product costs £2.99 in their local store, not £1.99.

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