Helen Skelton: On The Farm star risks leaking ‘unprofessional’ behind the scenes footage

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Channel 5’s On The Farm series is always full of fun and cheer and it seems the presenters have a right giggle behind the scenes, too. Presenter Helen Skelton, 37, took the opportunity to share with fans a little glimpse of what life is like when the cameras aren’t rolling (properly), with some leaked footage of her co-star Jules Hudson, 50, fluffing his lines.

My bosses hate me sharing ‘behind the scenes’ for fear it makes us look unprofessional

Helen Skelton

Taking to Twitter, the former Blue Peter host was apprehensive about posting the clip.

“My bosses hate me sharing ‘behind the scenes’ for fear it makes us look unprofessional,” she wrote.

“Snippet from last weeks rehearsals….. series continues Friday night 9pm @OnTheFarmC5 @channel5_tv.”

The clip shows poor Jules struggling to remember his lines and having to stop mid sentence.

When he finally got it right, Helen tried to jump in but suddenly realised it wasn’t her time to speak.

With the presenters and the crew in fits of laughter, Helen said: “I haven’t spoken for 30 seconds, I thought it was my turn!” she giggled as everyone roared with laughter.

But she needn’t have worried about looking “unprofessional” as fans loved seeing the “human” side of them.

“Nah it’s great, so good to see even the best of you make mistakes but also great to see the fun, humorous side too,” one cheered.

A second agreed: “It only shows your human!! Amazing work by all.”

“Love it…great to see people loving their work….we all need to see a few laughs to keep us sane in these very difficult times….keep us laughing along,” commended a third.

Another called for more backstage laughs: “Love this. We all need some humour right now. Please keep the #outtakes coming.”

It seems the behind the scenes footage is welcomed by fans who hope to see more in the future!

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While Helen risked it all by posting the On The Farm outtakes on Twitter, she admitted that social media usually “catches her out”.

“It always catches me out because I am always surprised what people find interesting,” the outgoing presenter told Express.co.uk, before using her two children as an example.

“Now that my kids are getting older and they have got their own identities, I’m really trying to not put as much on social media.

“I do put a lot of my kids on social media because ultimately, I am just really proud and do it without even thinking.”

Helen went on to talk about how she might feel some regret when she looks back at her posts in the future.

“I think probably what my generation will get wrong, and I will look back and regret it is that social media is such a new thing and that I’m not sure I get it right and I will probably look back and think I shouldn’t have put that,” she explained.

“But we are all still learning how to use it and you know we are all still kind of navigating this weird world of having an online presence.”

Friday On The Farm continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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