Jameela Jamil Slams Repeated Claims She Was Responsible for Caroline Flack’s Death Months After DMs Surface

Jameela Jamil is addressing the months of hate she has received after Love Island host Caroline Flack died by suicide back in February 2020.

A lot of the hate Jameela has received was due to Piers Morgan releasing private DMs between himself and Caroline that referenced Jameela. You can read that DM right here.

On Tuesday (June 30), Jameela posted a hateful message she received from a troll referencing Caroline and she posted it, responding, “I get messages like this every day because @piersmorgan implied that I was responsible for Caroline’s death just because she and I had a Mild disagreement about her TV shows, where I wasn’t actually criticizing her, 8 months before she passed. The media killed her, not me.”

Jameela further explained, “She reached out to me a few days before she died because she was sad to see how much hate I was getting from the media, (which massively was coming from Morgan at the time) and then she passed a few days later. He then used a dead woman’s message out of context to harass me.”

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