Jeffree Starr speaks out on death of Ethan Is Supreme: 'It's been a rough week'

Jeffree Starr has spoken out following the death of influencer Ethan Is Supreme.

The make-up mogul posted a video to his Instagram Stories addressing the news, while also opening up about a colleague of his who recently died.

‘OK – I’m sometimes hesitant to share things personally because I know we all have our own struggles and 2020 has been so unforgiving, it’s hard to fathom,’ said the 34-year-old.

‘About a week and a half hour ago, one of my longest employees of Jeffree Starr Cosmetics and Killer Merch – he got killed. Someone hit him on his motorcycle and he died instantly. His name is Brandon Stewart. He was a dear friend; one of the best employees I’ve ever had.

‘Such a light in the world and our company and with his family. I’m really feeling his loss this week. On top of that someone that works with me very closely just lost their father.

‘Then yesterday the make-up community lost someone named Ethan Is Supreme. Regardless of someone’s history or [past], regardless of that… I had to check out of Twitter yesterday. Because there were people revelling and enjoying someone passing away. I just had to just turn off my phone.

‘It’s been such a rough week emotionally with all of these deaths and everything that’s going on in the world.

‘I was going to upload a video and do some make-up, but I just couldn’t do it. I sat down in the chair and was like “There’s so much going on.”

‘Just know you guys, we’re all going through our own mental struggles, and losses effect you in ways that you don’t know until you experience them yourself.’

Ethan died on Sunday at the age of 17, his father confirmed. The star had 539,000 followers on Instagram and 139,000 on YouTube.

His cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

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