Dwyane Wade accidentally photobombed a couple’s engagement photos and the results were adorable

  • Dwyane Wade accidentally photobombed a couple's engagement photos over the weekend.
  • Wade looked caught up in the joy of the moment, smiling widely and putting his hand over his heart.
  • He later joined the couple for a photo and celebrated their engagement on Instagram.
  • Wade has been invited to the wedding, so more photos may follow.
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Former Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade stumbled across a couple just as they were getting engaged over the weekend and wound up joining them to celebrate.

Instagram user @ryanbasch shared a series of photos to his account over the weekend, showing a surprised Wade in the background as he got on one knee to propose.

"When @dwyanewade happens to be taking a sunset stroll on the beach and walks by mid-proposal," the caption read.

Wade could be seen smiling, with his hand over his heart, seemingly caught up in the joy of the moment he had stumbled upon.


The couple wound up taking a photo with Wade that he later shared to his Instagram story. "It was so dope to witness you guys love!" he wrote.

Wade also shared a direct message with Basch, writing, "I need y'all marriage to work. It's now on my conscience."

Basch invited Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union to the upcoming wedding, meaning these might not be the last photos we get of Wade basking in their love.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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