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Bianca Gascoigne reveals stunning ring with engraving of her first date with Kris Boyson amid Katie Price drama

BIANCA Gascoigne has shown off a new stunning ring which has her first date with Kris Boyson engraved on it.

The former glamour model, 33, was swept her off her feet by the personal trainer, 29, after her split with ex Steven Mortorana in December 2019.

Taking to Instagram, the beauty uploaded a gorgeous snap of herself modelling the ring, as well as a close-up of the impressive piece of jewellery.

The ring has "KB & GB 13.03.20" calved into it.

She captioned the post: "Big thank you to @burtandgurtlondon for my personalised diamond ring with a very special date to me engraved in the inside mine and @krisboyson first date 🌹swipe to see close up pic of the 💍"

Her followers couldn't help but comment on how happy they are for her, as one wrote: "It’s beautiful finally someone who will treat kris with the respect and love he deserves so happy for you both"

Another said: "Beautiful ring, glad youre happy and ignore all the craziness"

A third wrote: "Awww that's lovely. 💕"

Kris and Bianca were first linked in January, when she commented on a picture of him cooking topless and brandishing a pan, writing: "You're eggs on toast without the eggs."

The fact she commented on the post didn't escape Kris' former flame Katie Price, 41, who sent the couple a public message on Instagram when she learnt about their romance.

She wrote: "Congratulations to Kris Boyson and bianca Gascoigne on their relationship and isolation together I knew I was right when she commented on his post…”

Katie was left devastated when Kris left her for Bianca – despite promising her marriage and babies.

The 42-year-old said the pair spoke about getting wed and having children together, only for her to see him on a night out with Bianca days later.

Kris and Katie, who once revealed they had got engaged live on Loose Women, split up in December before she went into the Priory.

She told New magazine: "The last time I saw Kris, and I've got the Priory badge to prove it, was on 29 February.

"I found out three days later he was at an event with Bianca in Essex and he's been with her since.

"He told me he wasn't seeing anyone and was single – we'd talked about getting married, babies, starting again.

"In my opinion these were false promises. He's been calling my close friends… there are a lot of mixed messages."

The trio have been involved in various fueds since Bianca and Kris got together and yesterday Kris hit back in the ongoing row over what happened when Katie confronted him on his doorstep.

The reality star was accused of "ranting and raving" and trying to force her way in – but responded today by releasing a video where she is seen calmly asking Kris to "tell the truth".

Yesterday Kris shared footage of the extensive camera set-up recording his house – hinting that he had a different version of events on film.

He wrote: "If you're going to release CCTV at least make sure the opposite party hasn't got the FULL UNEDITED audio version from inside and outside the property first!"

He added: "There's only so far you can go before you have to say… Enough is Enough now!"

Katie visited her ex at home after learning that he'd been telling people they'd had no contact since he started dating Bianca.

Earlier this week, a source told The Sun Online: "Katie came over to confront Kris and turned up ranting and raving.

"She tried to force her way in and even attempted to climb through a window before trying to push her way through the door."

Kris called the cops after the showdown, with the insider explaining: "He reported the incident to ensure it's on police record in case it ever happens again or any criminal damage is done in future.

However, Katie's video, which The Sun Online published yesterday, tells a different story, showing her walking up to the window of his house with 12-year-old daughter Princess.

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’90 Day Fiance’s Pedro Jimeno Shows Off His Ripped Figure After 45 Lb. Weight Loss — Before & After Pics

’90 Day Fiance’ star Pedro Jimeno is a whole new man! The reality TV personality showed off his totally new figure after a massive weight loss.

90 Day Fiance fan-favorite Pedro Jimeno is showing off his ripped physique! The TLC reality star put his 45 pound weight loss on display on June 26, when he posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram. “7 months of hard work and commitment give results from 210lb to 165,” the 28-year-old wrote in the caption. “Thanks to everyone for your support. Muay Thai + intermittent fasting @bangkokboxingfitness @san__man @tommy_savage82.”

In the snap he wore nothing but grey gym shorts, adorned with tiny pictures of bananas. Fans were thrilled to see Pedro working on his physique, and hundreds took to the comments section of his pic. “Looking great keep up the good work,” one follower commented, while another wrote, “Looking great Pedro! Good job!” Back in Oct. 2019, the TV personality teased his body transformation with a before-and-after pic, crediting the change to martial arts training. “After 2 months of muay thai there is a big difference, training with the legend @khunponmuaythai,” he wrote. “YES YOU CAN!!!!” He also told his followers that he was “improving day by day and losing weight.”

7 months of hard work and commitment give results from 210lb to 165, Thanks to everyone for your support. Muay Thai + intermittent fasting @bangkokboxingfitness @san___man @tommy_savage82

A post shared by Pedro Jr (@pedrojosejrjimeno) on

Pedro and his wife Chantel Everett appeared on season 4 of the popular TLC series 90 Day Fiancé. The pair met while she was on vacation in his native Dominican Republic. They now have a spin off series The Family Chantel, and HollywoodLife spoke to them exclusively about what fans should expect from the show. “You’re going to see things from more so each person — my brother, my sister, my mom, my dad, Pedro’s mother, and sister,” Chantel told HL. “You’ll see things from their points of view and even more in-depth and they have their own lives that you’re going to be introduced to as well.”

Chantel also noted that “since our families are a big problem that’s affecting our relationship, we will be attending family counseling.” Chantel and Pedro have experienced their fair share of obstacles and their relationship is still a work in progress. “We’re still working on it,” Chantel said. “We are still working on trying to keep things between Pedro and I and not letting the outside world affect us especially when it comes to our families and people who love us and have strong opinions about what we should be doing.”

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Watford ‘investigating Andre Gray’s 20-person home gathering which included team-mate Domingos Quina’ – The Sun

WATFORD are reportedly investigating a 20-person party at Andre Gray's home which reportedly included team-mate Domingos Quina.

Gray, the partner of Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock, is said to have held the gathering in direct breach of the coronavirus lockdown regulations, according to reports.

The Hornets, who face Southampton tomorrow, are reportedly probing the incident at Gray's house.

Due to the coronavirus, government regulations advise no gatherings or parties.

They advice only being in touch with one other household.

You cannot gather outdoors in a group of more than six unless exclusively with members of your own household or support bubble or for one of the limited set of circumstances set out in the law.

You can meet outdoors with groups of up to six people from different households, provided social distancing is observed and you stay two metres away from anyone outside your household or support bubble.

You cannot visit friends and family inside their homes unless you are in a support bubble.

A gathering of 20 people would be a huge breach or protocol and would put the whole Watford squad at risk.

The Athletic report that Watford chiefs have opened a probe to find out exactly what went on.

They say: "Club investigating circumstances surrounding gathering of approximately 20 people at Andre Gray's home last night which included Domingos Quina among attendees."

Nigel Pearson's Hornets are far from out of the relegation mire following a 1-0 loss at Burnley on Thursday, which saw them remain a point away from the drop zone.

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Jazz legs are the latest go-to photo pose taking over Instagram

It’s been a while since we last had a trendy pose to master.

Last year we saw the rise of the strandid, the year before was all about Barbie feet, but now the pose you’ll need to add to your Instagram roster is jazz legs.

Jazz legs have nothing to do with leaning over like Barry B Benson and asking your followers if they enjoy jazz (sadly).

Instead this pose, coined by Who What Wear, describes leaning on your back leg and bending at a slight angle, while your front leg remains forward, straight, and with toes pointed.

It looks deeply awkward in real life, and if you were to stand like this in meetings or when hanging out with friends you’d receive some baffled looks, but in photos the pose serves to make your legs look super long.

Once you’re aware of the jazz legs pose, you’ll spot it all over Instagram.

Loads of influencers, models, and fashion types have been using it, with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley an early (and frequent) adopter.

View this post on Instagram

Wardrobe daily 🖤

A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on

Outfit-wise, you can do this pose wearing whatever you like, but if you’re keen to put the focus on your legs it’s a great way to do so.

Your shoes need to be great, though, as your front leg will be showing them off.

Make sure to practice in the mirror for a while before attempting the jazz legs pose for your next photo.

Yes, it will feel absolutely absurd, and that’s why it’s worth rehearsing alone rather than experiencing the embarrassment of your Instagram husband asking what on earth you’re doing with your body and why you’re taking such a long time.

This is also not the pose to do in public spaces – unless you’re very confident and immune to laughter from passersby.

Do you have a story to share?

Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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Kate Middleton, Prince William, and the Queen Celebrate Armed Forces Day

In honor of Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom, the queen shared a personal letter, which was also posted on Instagram.

The monarch noted the importance of the day, which is a “recognition of the dedication and risks faced by those serving our nation.” She also explained, “Having had members of my family serve in each of the Armed Services, I know only too well of the pride Service personnel take in their duty.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William also paid tribute to the special day by sharing a photo of the queen in their Instagram Stories. The Kensington Royal Instagram account wrote, “On #ArmedForcesDay we say thank you to the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community.”

Read Queen Elizabeth’s statement in full:

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Woman told by pharmacy assistant she couldn't purchase pregnancy test

Woman is left ‘dumbstruck’ after pharmacy assistant REFUSES to sell her a pregnancy test because it’s ‘not an essential item’ – and tells her she ‘shouldn’t be trying to conceive’ amid the COVID-19 crisis

  • British woman said she couldn’t purchase pregnancy test from local pharmacy 
  • She was told by a pharmacy assistant that it was not deemed an ‘essential item’
  • Assistant added she should not be ‘trying to conceive’ during the pandemic 

A woman was left ‘dumbstruck’ after a pharmacy assistant told her she couldn’t buy a pregnancy test because it is ‘not an essential item’ and she ‘shouldn’t be trying to conceive’ amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The anonymous lady, from the UK, revealed that she went to her local ‘independent’ pharmacy to purchase a test and queued due to only two customers being allowed in the shop at any one time. 

Writing on the British parenting site Mumsnet, the woman went on to explain how she asked to speak to the pharmacist before she was told by a female assistant that she ‘shouldn’t be trying to conceive’ during the Covid-19 crisis. 

She added that she is trying to conceive, but pointed out how she ‘could have been raped’ or had ‘failed contraception’ and did not think it was acceptable to be questioned over her right to have a child. 

The anonymous UK-based woman revealed that she went to her local ‘independent’ pharmacy to purchase a test (file image) 

Responses to the post urged the woman to complain and said it was ‘none of the assistant’s business’ whether customers were trying for a baby. 

‘She’s nuts! I went into the chemist to pick up a bottle of paracetamol suspension for DS. I’d consider a pregnancy test to be far more urgent than this,’ wrote one.

A second penned: ‘That is ridiculous. For all she knows you could be on medication which would mean that a positive pregnancy test required urgent medical advice. I’d also make a complaint.’ 

Another branded the incident ‘outrageous’ and told how she, like many others, would ‘definitely’ complain. 

Writing on British parenting site Mumsnet, the woman revealed how she had asked to speak to the pharmacist before she was told by a female assistant that she ‘shouldn’t be trying to conceive’ during the Covid-19 pandemic (pictured)

She continued: ‘It is an essential item but it’s not up to her to police that and if they’re selling it you can buy it regardless of whether it is “essential!”‘

‘Awful to say you shouldn’t TTC – none of her business at all and how does she know whether you’re TTC or hoping it’s negative?!’ 

‘Hope the test goes the way you want.’  

In a later post, the woman, who decided to order a pregnancy test from Amazon, went on to say how she had since called the pharmacy to complain. 

However, she believed it was the same assistant who answered the phone due to the ‘sound of her voice’. 

And when the customer asked to speak to the manager, the staff member said he wasn’t there and they were unable to call her back. 

Responses to the post urged the woman to complain and said it was ‘none of the assistant’s business’ whether the customer was trying for a baby (pictured)

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Marvel: Stan Lee Almost Made His First Big-Screen Cameo a Full Decade Before 'Iron Man'

Marvel Comics lost a huge part of its history with the 2018 passing of Stan Lee. In his later years, he also became known for popping up in memorable cameo roles. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe got particularly used to seeing Lee appear on screen. But some fans might not know the movie which nearly marked his first Marvel movie cameo.

Stan Lee was one of Marvel’s biggest icons and the king of cameos

Lee is perhaps best known as the comic book writer behind Spider-Man. But he actually co-created countless Marvel heroes over the years. Lee was instrumental in bringing heroes such as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and Daredevil to life.

So it felt like a show of respect for his Marvel Comics work to lead to Lee’s regular cameos in the movies. After 2000’s X-Men hit it big, Marvel characters were all over the big screen. Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four all hit theaters in the 2000s, and Lee showed up in every single one.

When Iron Man kicked off the MCU in 2008, Lee’s presence became even more well-known. In fact, fan theories began to form about how his cameos could fit into the overarching story. And Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 confirmed his role as a kind of overseer of the Marvel movies.

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The Marvel icon nearly made his first big-screen cameo in the 1990s

In addition to ending the MCU’s ‘Infinity Saga,’ Avengers: Endgame featured Lee’s final big-screen cameo. Of course, fans will continue to go back and enjoy his dozens of previous cameos. But even the most ardent Marvel devotees might not know which movie nearly featured Lee’s first cameo.

In 1998, Lee almost made a surprise appearance in the R-rated Marvel Comics adaptation Blade. The movie features Wesley Snipes’ debut as the day-walking vampire hunter and grew into a trilogy. And Lee almost appeared early on as a police officer.

The cameo was reportedly filmed but edited out of the final cut. In the movie, Lee would have played one of the cops who discovered Quinn’s (Donal Logue) charred body after a bloody vampire rave-turned-attack. As fun as seeing Lee would have been, it’s easy to see why the moment was cut for pacing.

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He was making cameos long before Marvel started making movies

In the 1990s, Marvel sold off the movie rights to several major heroes. Thus, the initial explosion of early 2000s Marvel movie adaptations. But Lee didn’t wait until his creations leapt into movie theaters to begin making cameos. Rather, he was already making surprise appearances in the late 1980s.

1989’s TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk — an extension of the 1970s The Incredible Hulk series — features one of Lee’s earliest cameos. Certainly, the MCU won’t be the same without him, but at least Lee lived to see his characters dominate the world. “Excelsior” indeed.

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Dolph Lundgren, 62, Engaged to Much Younger Girlfriend

The ‘Rocky IV’ actor has popped the big question to his personal trainer-turned-girlfriend roughly six months after they went public with their romance.

AceShowbiz -“Rocky IV” actor Dolph Lundgren, 62, is engaged to personal trainer Emma Krokdal.

The Scandinavian star revealed on Instagram he proposed to Emma, who’s in her 20s, a week ago in Stockholm – before the couple returned to Los Angeles where they both live and were spotted out and about this Friday, June 26, 2020.

Alongside a snap of his fiancee flashing her pink engagement ring as the pair posed on a balcony, he penned, “Something very special happened here in Sweden.”

The message was liked by the star’s former director and co-star, Sylvester Stallone.

Emma also posted her own Instagram album of the occasion, including a close-up of her glittering pink ring. She captioned the gallery, “Pinch me.”

The couple went public with their relationship in January, with an insider telling the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six the romance was months old.

Dolph was previously married to jewellery designer Anette Qviberg from 1994 to 2011, and they share two daughters, Ida, 24, and Greta, 18. He also famously dated singer Grace Jones, model Paula Barbieri, and karate champion Jenny Sandersson.

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Michael McIntyre wife: Who is wife Kitty? Inside their marriage

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Michael McIntyre has compiled the best moments from his comedy series Michael McIntyre’s Big Show amid lockdown restrictions that have prevented him from filming new episodes. On tonight’s show, Michael will go through the phone of The Voice UK judge Olly Murs as well as give a rude awakening to Peter Andre.

Who is Michael’s wife Kitty?

Kitty is the daughter of late film actor Simon Ward and sister of Young Sherlock Holmes actress Sophie Ward.

However, unlike her family, Kitty chose to live a life out of the spotlight and instead is reported to work as an aromatherapist.

Michael and wife Kitty Ward tied the knot in 2003.

Bradley Walsh horrifies Michael McIntyre as he throws phone at host


  • Holly Willoughby left squirming as embarrassing blunder goes public

Talking of how they first met while appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Michael revealed that he was perhaps a little too into Kitty at first.

Michael admitted: “I can’t leave messages so I would just call until somebody picked up.

“I would call so many times – 20-odd missed calls, record-breaking ­numbers.”

He went on to say: “It took two years of sort of ­stalking her.

“We had a really good start, she really liked me, but I didn’t know how to handle that.

“We might have kissed on our first date. That was it for me.

“I announced to everybody that I’m in love and I’m going to marry this girl.”

Michael and Kitty went on to have two sons together called Oscar and Lucas.

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  • How much is Michael McIntyre’s Big Show star worth?

Michael has previously spoken of how he has used Kitty and their children within his comedy shows.

During an interview with the Telegraph in 2012 Michel said: “I suppose, hopefully, they will find it quite nice.

“I have had jokes about Kitty getting pregnant, and then jokes about the pregnancy, followed by jokes about them being babies, and now jokes about their whole life.

“I was speaking to Peter Kay, and he said that he never mentions his kids’ names and I was like, ‘Oh shit, it’s too late for that.’

“But they sort of understand what I do, and at school, all the teenagers are nice to them.”

He added how he mimics Kitty on stage within his shows.

Michael explained: “I mean, I go on stage, and I do impressions of my wife putting her tights on, and it is amazing fortune that what I find funny other people find funny.

“It’s beyond anything I could ever have dreamt of.”

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Victoria Monét Teams With Khalid On Uplifting ‘Experience’

Victoria Monét and Khalid have shared a new collaboration, “Experience.” The song, produced by S.G. Lewis, is from Monét’s upcoming project Jaguar, due out on July 31.

While announcing the track on June 16, Monét and Khalid explained their decision to stick with the release plan despite the current painful situation, writing, “We’ve always used music as a form of escapism from troubling things. This song, though deep in subject matter, sonically simply feels joyful and celebratory. It’s important to us to highlight and celebrate Black joy and love in the middle of so much pain and trauma.”

The singers said they hope the song would bring “some solace and joy” to fans, adding, “We hope the double-ended message of this song is heard: based on experience, we want change! We matter, we always have. Here’s to making changes and celebrating US the best ways we know how. Genuine love to you and yours.”

Monét also highlighted the importance of June, which represents both Black Music Month and Pride Month. She indicated her “queer identity is another important celebration for me” even throughout the global pandemic.

“I’m hoping that experience can get you to change,” Monét sings in chorus.

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