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'RHOBH': Garcelle Beauvais Says Erika Jayne Surprised Her the Most This Season

Garcelle Beauvais from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recently shared that forming a connection with Erika Jayne (Girardi) is one of the many surprises for her this season.

She said that not only did they have a real connection, but they also kept in touch after filming wrapped. “Erika surprised me in a lot of ways,” she said on Reality Life with Kate Casey. “Watching the show, she’s this tough exterior. Some people call her cold. I just think she has her defenses up or walls up.”

“But what surprised me with her, is that she’s so vulnerable now,” Beauvais revealed. “I felt like when her and I had breakfast that day and she talked about Tom and how he sort of took her and her son in, because she was a single mom. And that I could relate to because when you’re a single parent, you want whoever to come into your life to embrace your kids as much as they embrace you.”

They had an ‘immediate connection’

“I connected to that,” Beauvais said. “And the fact she got so emotional too. I was like, ‘Wow! That’s really cool to see!’ So I really enjoyed that.”

Host Kate Casey shared that she too viewed the moment as being authentic. “It was a definite, immediate connection,” Beauvais said. “Woman to woman. It was really, really nice.”

But what really surprised her about doing the show?

Some surprises she encountered include getting used to being in the non-scripted television space. Beauvais insists the show is real and the only time producers “set up” any scenes is to film lunches or encounters with other cast members.

She also said dealing with reactions on social media is new for her. Unlike her scripted work, she’s now seeing people lash out at her personally on social media, which took some getting used to at first.

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“Really how social media takes over,” she says. “Lisa Rinna had told me, she goes, ‘It’s one thing to shoot the show. It’s another thing to watch the show.’ Because then you get to see what the women have been saying behind your back because we only get the episodes two days before you guys see it.”

Beauvais dished about the big ‘threesome’ moment too

But then when social media lights up, it becomes an entirely different animal. “And then [Rinna] goes, ‘The world weighs in.’ So there are so many different layers to being on the show, which I’m finding to be really interesting. ”

She touched on the moment where Denise Richards’ daughters were present during a conversation the women had about threesomes. “First of all, the kids weren’t that close,” Beauvais says, adding that she thinks the public made a bigger deal about it than it really was. “They just looked like they were super close to us. I’m surprised that the women felt like she was being a hypocrite because she’s free with her sexuality and she was married to Charlie Sheen. We all get that one, right?”

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“But at the same time, you don’t have the same conversations you have when your kids are around and you’re talking to your girlfriend,” she said. “To me, that’s just like so clear. That I didn’t’ know why everyone was making such a big deal about it.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns on July 8 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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World News

Brits & tourists could be ‘tested on arrival’ at airports under scheme being considered

BRITS and tourists could be ‘tested on arrival’ at airports under a scheme being considered by ministers.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed that he was in contact with airport handling firm Swissport who are trialing a scheme to test passengers.

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Swissport wants to offer saliva swab tests to arriving travellers  before going home or to a hotel to begin self-isolation.

The test result would be known in no more than 24 hours – if it were positive, the passenger would contact the test-and-trace service and complete the two weeks of self-isolation.

Travellers who test negative, the company hopes, will be free to continue life as normal.

The test will cost around £140.

Mr Shapps said he was working with Heathrow and other airports to introduce measures and that he would announce them at the next review of the quarantine policy in around three weeks.

He said: “It is very important that we can ensure that we can provide reassurance to passengers, but also provide something useful with the screening beyond just asking people to take a temperature check.

“We are actively working with Heathrow and other airports to provide exactly those types of schemes in place.”

Speaking in the Commons Tory MP Felicity Buchan asked the Transport Secretary if he would back a Covid-19 testing scheme proposed by Collinson and Swissport.

Mr Shapps replied: "She will be interested to hear I am indeed in touch with Swissport and following those trials and proposals very carefully.

"As I indicated in a question or two back, we do believe it's important to be able to provide international standards and that may well include specific types of testing – so the answer is yes.”

Tomorrow the Government is expected to formally annouce the air bridges policy will come into force – with up to 75 countries on the list of safe countries.

It will mean that travellers won't need to isolate for two weeks at home after their return from a holiday.

Travel advice is set to be changed too – scrapping the advice which says it should only be essential.

The air bridges are likely to include most countries in Europe and beyond.

But the air bridges plans faced a last minute hitch last night as ministers scrambled to reassure Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the measures.

No10 held meetings yesterday with the devolved administrations that are cautious about abandoning the border quarantine policy.

Nicola Sturgeon is said to be “really objecting” to lifting the measures without being properly consulted.

And this morning Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: ""I am very keen to get the devolved administrations, including Scotland on board, so we can get this thing announced."

One industry source said: “The government really wants to make sure Scotland is onside – they do not want another case of mixed messages coming across the border.”



Yesterday the First Minister said if she blocks the measures it will be because she has “very seriously looked at the evidence and decided that isn’t necessary – not for political or constitutional reasons – but necessary from the point of view of tackling the virus.”

But No10 insisted last night the meeting was routine and there was “no drama” over the issue.

A spokesman added the meeting was arranged so devolved administrations were informed of the policy so they could “implement bits of it slightly differently” if they wanted.

A SNP source said: “We weren’t consulted when this measure was brought in, but we must ensure we make the right decision.”

There would be no powers to prevent Scots going to England to take flights abroad if Nicola Sturgeon did block the plans north of the border.


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Wetherspoon customers WILL be asked to hand over track and trace details every time they go to the pub

WETHERSPOON punters will be asked to hand over their contact details every time they visit a pub when they reopen from Saturday.

Customers will be asked to fill out a short form with their name and telephone number with every visit to a 'Spoons branch in England.

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They will also need to record the time that they arrived and when they leave and to drop the form into a dedicated box.

Keeping a guest register will help NHS test and trace coronavirus outbreaks and is part of the government's Covid-19 secure guidelines.

While it's not a legal requirement, it's in customers' interest to handover the correct details.

If someone who was at the pub at the same times as you later tests positive for the coronavirus, the relevant teams will then be able to alert you and let you know whether you will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

A government source told The Sun that its unlikely that everyone who was at the pub at the same time will be asked to quarantine.

But customers will be asked by NHS test and trace teams whereabouts they were sitting and those closest to the person who tested positive will be advised to stay at home.

The contact forms will be stored confidentially for 21 days before then being disposed of.

A spokesperson for the pub chain said: "Whereas it is not a legal requirement to provide this information, the government, NHS and Wetherspoon are very keen for customers to cooperate."

It's just one of the measures that the pub chain has introduced for when it reopens post-lockdown.

Rules Wetherspoons punters will have to follow when pubs reopen

Here, we take you through all of the rules punters will have to follow when they go to a Wetherspoons pub from Saturday:

  1. Queue to get in the pub
  2. Put hand sanitiser on before going inside
  3. Visit in small groups
  4. Order your food and drink via the Wetherspoons app
  5. Pay using the app
  6. Recycle the menu after using it
  7. No smoking near the pub entrances and exits
  8. Keep your children seated at the tables
  9. No moving the tables

Doors will open for punters from 8am at 875 out of the nearly 900 'Spoons branches in the UK where they will finally be able to sip on pint.

It will have been more than three months since boozers were ordered to temporarily close to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Wetherspoon has invested £11million into making sure staff and customers stay safe when branches are open, including regular cleaning and putting up signs making sure customers stand apart.

The Sun was given a sneak peak at what branches will look like when they reopen here.

"Sneeze screens" have also been put up between tables and customers will be asked to order drinks and food via the app.

Visitors have also been given a set of rules to follow too to help keep social distancing rules – you can find the full list here.

Earlier this week it confirmed that it won't be broadcasting any live sport on its TVs throughout July to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

 The Sun has also been given a tour around a Greene King pub to see what it will look like for customers post-lockdown.

If you can't wait to order your first drink, here's a full list of pubs that will be opening from Saturday.


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Uh, ‘Beavis And Butt-Head’ Is Getting A Gen Z Reboot, Huh-Huh-Huh

Good thing toilet paper is a bit more available nowadays because we’re about to get a whole new crop of Cornholios demanding TP for their bungholes.

Comedy Central announced Wednesday that it plans to reboot or rebutt, heh-heh, the iconic MTV animated series “Beavis and Butt-Head,” which was a smash hit during its run from 1993 to 1997. It also had a one-season revival in 2011.

Series creator Mike Judge will write, produce and provide the voices for both Beavis and Butt-Head, two 90s-era slackers who love metal, channel surfing and nicknaming girls named Daria “Diarrhea.”

But in this “reimagined” series, the titular Gen Xers will be “entering a whole new Gen Z world,” according to the press release. The latest series will include “meta-themes relatable to both new and old fans — Gen X parents and their Gen Z kids.”

So, Y is this happening?

As part of the two-season order for the reboot, Judge will also create spinoffs and specials for the network as Comedy Central looks to expand its adult animated output in light of its long-running hit “South Park,” per Vulture.

The Hollywood Reporter also noted that the announcement comes just 10 days after the network became home to the Tracee Ellis Ross-led “Jodie,” an adult animated series that is a spinoff of “Daria” — the latter of which Judge also created.

“It seemed like the time was right to get stupid again,” Judge said in the press release.

It’s unclear exactly how Beavis and Butt-Head will be exploring a Gen Z world: Will they be watching and providing commentary about TikToks instead of music videos, or will they be teens again themselves?

But here’s just hoping that whatever comes of this series, one thing will still hold true — it will rock.



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A Doctor Explains How To Be Safe During A Socially Distant Picnic

As the weather gets warmer and many states continue to reopen, spending time outdoors has never been so appealing. Understandably so — we’ve all been stuck inside for weeks, many of us months. However, enjoying the summer weather will require finding things that are safe to do outside amidst during the coronavirus pandemic. So, don’t pack up your picnic basket just yet.

Beaches, pools, campgrounds, and parks have reopened in many states. But you shouldn’t expect to enjoy these public spaces as you did before March. Yosemite National Park has begun allowing guests after being closed for two months. However, all commercial services within the park will be closed, as Mercury News reports. Guests will need to bring all their own food, beverages, supplies as well as a full tank of gas. Other national parks across the country have begun the process of reopening, though some are still keeping areas like campgrounds off-limits to help prevent potential virus exposure.

If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to have a picnic outside, the answer is yes but with some important caveats. Like with nearly every other aspect of our daily lives, the way we enjoy the outdoors will need to adapt as we work to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Continue Practice Social Distancing And Limit The Time Spent Around People

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends people practice social distancing and wear a mask when social distancing isn’t possible. The basic guidelines for proper social distancing are:

  • Stay at least 6 feet away from other people
  • Do not gather in groups
  • Stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings

“The thing is, even if you’re outside, sitting with someone for 10 minutes or longer, that’s still a close contact,” Dr. Jessie Abbate, an infectious disease biologist from Virginia and research associate at the French National Institute for Development, tells Bustle. “The longer you sit together, even distanced, the more viral particles are able to make it past all the obstacles to infect you.”

Keep Your Groups Small And Consistent

Dr. Abbate recommends keeping one or two consistent groups of people with whom you plan on gathering. “Just remember,” she says, “when you have lunch with one friend, you’re also kinda having lunch with any virus from everyone they’ve seen in the past two weeks.”

Gathering outside is safer the gathering inside, Dr. Abbate notes. However, the margin is very slight. Initial research suggests that the risk of coronavirus is the transmission is lower outdoors but that doesn’t eliminate the risk of transmission entirely. “This virus is not contained,” Dr. Abbate states, “it’s not slowing down on its own. The fewer risky things you do, and your neighbors do, the longer you can push off a second wave of stay-at-home measures.”

Stay Home If You’re Showing Any Symptoms

The CDC’s guidelines for parks and recreational facilities lists staying home if you aren’t feeling well as one of the key things to keep in mind when gathering outdoors. Some of those symptoms include fever, coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, or recent loss of taste or smell. Additionally, you should continue covering your coughs and sneezes, washing your hands, and avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands.

Abiding by these guidelines may seem strange or inconvenient, but you know what’s worse than being inconvenienced? Having and spreading coronavirus. Enjoy the outdoors, go on a picnic with a limited group of friends, but remember to stay safe.


Dr. Jessie Abbate, an infectious disease biologist from Virginia and research associate at the French National Institute for Development.

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You’ll Be Obsessed With the Figure-Loving Fit of This Timeless Dress

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

A new dress is the solution to many of life’s everyday problems. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Buy a new dress. Bad hair day? Buy a new dress. Not feeling well? Buy a new dress. Can’t figure out what to make for breakfast? Buy a new dress. Don’t overthink it; it’s that easy!

This Affordable Kaftan From Amazon Is Giving Us Serious Zara Vibes

Okay, so maybe you can’t buy a new dress every single time there’s the slightest annoyance in your life, but it also doesn’t sound like the worst idea ever. A closet full of pretty dresses will probably help you start your day in a better mood anyway — especially if you grab them all at a great price. Who could be mad at a wardrobe packed with every variation of this Lark & Ro dress?

Get the Lark & Ro Gathered Short Sleeve Crew Neck Fit and Flare Dress starting at just $16 exclusively at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, July 1, 2020, but are subject to change.

This Amazon-exclusive dress comes from Lark & Ro, a brand that makes “polished essentials and wear-to-work staples” that will leave everyone around you envious. These pieces are super affordable too, as you can see with this frock. This is more than a simple T-shirt dress too — it has so many little details we’re loving!

This fit-and-flare dress is made of a soft jersey knit. It has a crew neckline, a keyhole cutout in back and a fitted bodice. The skirt, on the other hand, has some flow to it, giving you a little bit of swing with every step. The hem hits just above the knee — part of why this piece works equally well for work as it does for play. Another feature we can’t get enough of? The gathered detail on the short sleeves, creating a bit of ruching. So chic!

Get the Lark & Ro Gathered Short Sleeve Crew Neck Fit and Flare Dress starting at just $16 exclusively at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, July 1, 2020, but are subject to change.

This easy-to-wear dress is also easy to care for, and it’s made with a travel-friendly fabric. That’s definitely going to come in handy, whether you’re heading out of town for a relaxing vacation or simply packing it in your tote to change into after a cycling session at the gym!

This piece is available in six colors, but there are already sizes selling out, so this isn’t something to just leave on your wish list. Navy is your only solid, and then you have some amazing prints: Black Mini Tulip, Dark Navy/White Leaf Print, Emerald/Pale Blue Delicate Floral, Navy/Hunter Green/Ivory Bud Print and Navy/White Mini Mono Floral. We love them all, so you’re on your own when it comes to choosing a fave!

Get the Lark & Ro Gathered Short Sleeve Crew Neck Fit and Flare Dress starting at just $16 exclusively at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, July 1, 2020, but are subject to change.

Not your style? Shop more from Lark & Ro here and see all of Amazon’s Daily Deals here!

Check out more of our picks and deals here!

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The Shop With Us team may receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. In addition, Us Weekly receives compensation from the manufacturer of the products we write about when you click on a link and then purchase the product featured in an article. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently from advertising sales team. We welcome your feedback at [email protected] Happy shopping!

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NASA astronauts Cassidy and Behnken will perform a spacewalk today

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Robert Behnken will perform a spacewalk today to replace ageing batteries on the International Space Station

  • The spacewalk is the latest in a series of mission to replace ageing batteries
  • Cassidy and Behnken will swap out nickel-hydrogen batteries for lithium-ion
  • It is the 229th spacewalk from the ISS and the eighths walk for the NASA pair 
  • The walk will start at 12:35 BST and is expected to take between 6 and 7 hours 

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Robert Behnken will step out into the vacuum of space this afternoon to replace an ageing battery on the International Space Station.

The pair will start the 229th spacewalk from the station at 12:35 BST and it is expected to last between six and seven hours while they swap in new batteries.

This is the second spacewalk in a week and will see the astronauts continue where they left off in swapping out old batteries to improve power to the station.

They will leave from the Quest airlock to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries with new lithium-ion batteries that arrived on a Japanese cargo spaceship last month.  

This is the second spacewalk in a week and will see the astronauts continue where they left off in swapping out old batteries to improve power to the station. Pictured is the spacewalk on June 26 also featuring Cassidy and Behnken

They will leave from the Quest airlock to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries with new lithium-ion batteries that arrived on a Japanese cargo spaceship last month

This will be the eighth time both Cassidy and Behnken have stepped out into space over the course of their career to repair or upgrade the international station.

In an earlier spacewalk on June 26 the pair started the work to complete the upgrade to the power channel that the new batteries will be used on.  

That walk saw them remove five of the six nickel-hydrogen batteries in one of the stations power channels and install two of three lithium-ion batteries. 

The station is equipped with four large solar arrays and each one feeds electricity into two circuits going into the space station.

Each of the eight channels included six nickel-hydrogen batteries to provide electricity when the station is out of sight of the Sun.

The original batteries are wearing out and need to be replaced – this started in 2017 and will see the 48 batteries replaced with 24 more powerful lithium-ion batteries.

Between 2017 and January this year 36 old batteries in three of the four sets of solar arrays were replaced – the latest round of spacewalks will finish the job.

Today’s upgrade includes removing the last of the six ageing nickel-hydrogen batteries and installing the final of the three lithium-ion batteries. 

During the six hour space walk the pair will also loosen the bolts on other nickel-hydrogen batteries  that will be replaced in future spacewalks.

This will complete the power capability upgrade on the far starboard truss and complete the station’s battery replacement work that began in January 2017 with the first series of power upgrade spacewalks.

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Robert Behnken will step out into the vacuum of space this afternoon to replace an ageing battery on the International Space Station

Cassidy and Behnken also will route power and ethernet cables in preparation for the installation of a new external wireless communications system.

The new system will bring enhanced HD cameras to the outside of the station and to increase helmet camera coverage for future spacewalks. 

To support future power system upgrades, they also will remove a device called an ‘H-Fixture’ that was installed before the solar arrays were launched in 1998.

If it all goes to plan the pair will go back out into space for the 230th spacewalk later this month to continue the battery swap outs – with a fourth walk to finish the job at a later date that hasn’t been confirmed.

Cassidy will be extravehicular crew member one, wearing the spacesuit with red stripes, while Behnken will be number two, wearing the spacesuit with no stripes.


The International Space Station (ISS) is a $100 billion (£80 billion) science and engineering laboratory that orbits 250 miles (400 km) above Earth.

It has been permanently staffed by rotating crews of astronauts and cosmonauts since November 2000. 

Research conducted aboard the ISS often requires one or more of the unusual conditions present in low Earth orbit, such as low-gravity or oxygen.

ISS studies have investigated human research, space medicine, life sciences, physical sciences, astronomy and meteorology.

The US space agency, Nasa, spends about $3 billion (£2.4 billion) a year on the space station program, a level of funding that is endorsed by the Trump administration and Congress.

A U.S. House of Representatives committee that oversees Nasa has begun looking at whether to extend the program beyond 2024.

Alternatively the money could be used to speed up planned human space initiatives to the moon and Mars.

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Beauty and Fashion

Woman who fell in love with best pal reveals they wed & fell pregnant at the same time using a DIY insemination kit

A WOMAN who married her female best friend – before they fell pregnant "in tandem" using a £72 home insemination kit and a sperm donor found online – told how their babies were born three days apart.

Inseparable after meeting at school, Karina Rincon, 31, and Kelly Mesa, 32,moved from Venezuela, South America, to the USA after graduating.

Both successful biomedical engineers, after confessing their true feelings, they became a couple and married in September 2017, when their thoughts turned to starting a family.

Priced out of expensive IVF clinics, they bought a £72 home artificial insemination kit, before finding a sperm donor online and doubling their chances of having a baby by both trying – never thinking they would each fall pregnant on their first attempt.

Now living as a family of four in Los Angeles, California, after Kelly gave birth to baby Leo on July 7, 2019, and her wife to his sister Sophie just three days later, Karina said: “I’m really glad we didn’t go into labour at the same time.

"That was a worry of ours, but thankfully, being three days apart meant that I could be there when Leo was born and Kelly could when Sophie was.

"People told us that we would kill each other being two pregnant women in the same house, with all those hormones flying around but, actually, it was great to go through this with the love of my life, who completely understood how I was feeling.”

Likewise, things could not have turned out better for Kelly.

She said: “We are so in love with our babies. People always ask if they’re twins and we joke, ‘Almost.’”

When the couple first met in secondary school, their friendship was purely platonic and they never dreamed they would fall in love.

Sharing confidences about everything, including dating, back then they were positive they were exclusively attracted to men.

After graduating, they moved to the USA and remained best friends – only their feelings developed and they realised they were no longer platonic.

Karina said: “Whenever I’d hear Kelly talking about boyfriends, I’d feel almost jealous and started to realise that it was because I had romantic feelings for her.

“She moved around a lot but, eventually, we found ourselves in the same city when we both moved to Miami. I was so nervous, as I had no idea how she would take it, but I had to tell her how I felt. Thankfully, she felt the same.”

For the first few years of their relationship, Kelly and Karina kept their love secret from their families – eventually coming out in 2017, just before marrying.

Together, the pair began to research their options for children, but soon found themselves priced out by expensive IVF clinics and sperm banks.

How does sperm donation stand legally in the UK?

Sperm donation can help couples struggling to have kids of their own or single women who want to start a family.

If you donate your sperm through a fertility clinic or a sperm bank, you won’t have any responsibilities or rights towards a child conceived using your semen.

However, as of April 2005, children conceived through sperm donation do have the right to ask for certain information about their donor once they reach the age of 16.

When they turn 18 they can also request to know the name and last known address of their donor.

The main reason men choose to donate their sperm is to help couples who can’t conceive naturally, or if they have a strong desire to pass on their genes to another generation.

In the UK, donation in exchange for payment is prohibited by law.

Then, in early 2018, they discovered a company online that offered at-home artificial insemination kits for just $89 (£72).

Kelly said: “Some of the clinics we looked at would have cost thousands and thousands – and that was just to find the donor. Then, there’d be all the costs of insemination, medication, doctors’ appointments and so on.

“The awkwardness of it all was also a component. Being able to be at home with a DIY kit seemed less invasive.”

One thing that was of the utmost importance to the couple was knowing as much as possible about their sperm donor – information that would have been hugely costly if they had used a private clinic.

Instead, they found an online network called, which matches couples looking to start a family with potential donors.

As registration on the site is free – though users do also have the option of paying for members-only access – it helped get around the issue of budget.

Setting up a profile, Kelly and Karina explained who they were and what they needed – and soon saw the messages flooding in.

Karina said: “Across the course of three months, we filtered the responses down to around 15 which we liked the sound of.

“Then we got to know them, sending questionnaires about their family history and genetics, and also what their motivation was for wanting to help was.

“We wanted somebody truly altruistic, but unfortunately not everybody out there is genuine.

“We narrowed it further and further down until there were just two donors. We would joke that it was like the reality show The Bachelor.”

Kelly and Karina then met the remaining two potential donors in person – neither of whom asked for money – before settling on their final decision in October 2018.

After all three parties took part in genetic screening – the results of which did not bring up anything of concern – it was time to start trying.

Shortly afterwards, Karina went for a blood test.

“The results seemed to show that I wasn’t pregnant, so we thought, ‘That’s okay. Let’s just wait and see what happens with Kelly,’” she said.

“Days later, in our tiny new apartment in Los Angeles, we got a test for Kelly to take.

"Two lines appeared, but they were so faint that we didn’t know what they meant.“I said to her, ‘My blood test has shown I’m not pregnant, so why don’t I take a test, too, as a control?’

“But when I did, mine looked the same – two little lines.”

For clarification, Kelly and Karina sent a photo of the tests to a nurse friend – who replied saying she thought they were both pregnant.

Karina added: “We took some more tests which confirmed it. We were both expecting, and around four weeks along.

“We couldn’t believe it – what were the chances?

“The reason my blood test hadn’t shown anything was because it was too early, so the levels of hormones in my body weren’t high enough.”

Gobsmacked that they had both been successful on their first attempt, Kelly and Karina then navigated the next nine months of pregnancy together.

Karina added: “We both understood how the other was feeling. It was nothing like it would have been if we’d had babies with men, where one of us wouldn’t be facing the limitations and challenges of pregnancy.

“The only difficult thing was sharing a bed with two ginormous bellies and both of us wanting to pee every five minutes.”

In the end, the couple’s baby boy Leo arrived first,  weighing 6lb 12oz, with Kelly giving birth on July 7, 2019.

She recalled: “Lots of staff at the hospital initially thought Karina was just my friend who happened to be pregnant at the same time.

“They couldn’t believe it when I told them, ‘She’s my wife, and she’s due any day, too.’

“The delivery was actually fairly quick and I was so grateful Karina could be there with me in the room.

"She was ready to pop by then, so nurses kept telling her to go home and rest, but she wanted to be by my side.”

Just three days later,7lb 11oz Sophie was welcomed into the world.

Kelly concluded: “My advice to other couples would be to be systematic."

Karina added: “My advice is to be patient. I still can’t quite believe the way things all happened for us, but don’t give up hope.

Super sperm donor Mitch Kennedy baffled This Morning viewers with his plan to prevent incestuous relationships among his expanding brood.

Meanwhile, 66 kids and counting… meet super sperm donor Clivehere.

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World News

LAPD could be replaced by community-based responders for ‘non-violent calls’ – The Sun

LOS Angeles' City Council has approved the first step towards replacing the police department with community-based, unarmed emergency responders for non-violent calls for service.

The move was described as a "dawn of a new era of public safety" for the city's residents and is in response to widespread protests to defund police.

"This won't solve all of our problems right away," said council member Herb Wesson, who co-authored the motion.

"But this move marks a sea change in our city's approach to public safety and I'm optimistic cities and counties across the nation will follow our lead.

"This is the dawn of a new era of public safety in Los Angeles," he continued, in a statement posted on Twitter.

"The bottom line is that the way things have been going is not working for our communities. This last month has made that crystal clear. We have a responsibility to listen to our people, and our people have spoken."

Wesson added he looked forward to continuing to work alongside LA's Black Lives Matter chapter.

Wesson introduced the motion on June 16, announcing: "Today I, alongside my colleagues, will introduce a motion to replace LAPD officers with unarmed, non-law enforcement agencies who will be responsible for responding to non-violent calls for service.

"We need to reimagine public safety in the 21st century. One which reduces the need for armed police presence, especially when the situation does not necessarily require it.

"We have gone from asking the police to be part of the solution, to being the only solution for problems they should not be called on to solve in the first place."

The motion, introduced by Wesson and council president Nury Martinez, instructs the LAPD to work with the county's Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority and other government agencies to respond to non-violent incidents, such as drug abuse and incidents related to mental health.

It would include diverting nonviolent calls for services, such as neighbor disputes and others from the LAPD to the appropriate non-law-enforcement agencies.

The news came as New York City's mayor Bill de Blasio said he would cut $1 billion in funding from the New York Police Department for 2021.

The cuts were described as not going far enough by some activists, and come in the face of calls to defund the police, as well as a $9 billion revenue shortfall for the city, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The mayor had initially planned to cut NYPD funding by less than 1 percent, while slashing youth services.


But thousands of protesters have been camped outside City Hall for the past week, demanding deeper cuts to police funding.

“It’s time to do the work of reform, to think deeply about where our police have to be in the future,” de Blasio told reporters on Tuesday.

In both NYC and LA, protests have been ongoing in an attempt to pressure officials to defund – or at least overhaul – police departments, following the death of George Floyd, a black man killed in police custody.

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World News

PM warns Melburnians could be fined for refusing coronavirus test

Scott Morrison warns Melburnians could be FINED for refusing to take a test if they live in a coronavirus hot spot

  • Melburnians who refuse coronavirus test could face fines as outbreak continues
  • Almost 1,000 residents in Melbourne hotspots refused  to be tested last week
  • Prime Minister said figures were disappointing and hopes to provide incentives
  • Victoria has recorded 119 new cases of the deadly virus in the last two days 

Scott Morrison hasn’t ruled out enforcing fines for Melburnians who refuse a coronavirus test as the city struggles to control the pandemic after a sharp rise in new cases.

Victoria is experiencing a second wave of infections after recording its highest single-day spike in coronavirus cases in almost three months on Monday with 75 new cases, followed by another 64 on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister has thrown his support behind the Victorian government’s tough suburban lockdowns designed to save Melbourne from coronavirus.

The prime minister warned people refusing to be tested for the disease which has killed 104 Australians could face fines as a hotspot testing blitz continues.

Almost 1000 residents in coronavirus hotspots refused to be tested when authorities knocked on their door last week. 

‘It is disappointing. We are doing it the Australian way,’ Mr Morrison told Channel Nine’s Today Show on Wednesday.

There could be fines for Melburnians who refuse to be be tested for coronavirus after almost 1000 residents living in hotspots refused one last week. Pictured are queues at a drive-in coronavirus testing site at Melbourne Showgrounds on Tuesday

‘We’re looking to do it through incentive, through the use of carrot not stick. 

‘Occasionally the stick will have to be put about, whether it’s fines or sanctions in place to ensure we keep everybody safe.’ 

Mr Morrison said there was nothing surprising about Melbourne’s second outbreak, despite not yet being seen in other states and territories.

‘We always said there would be some. No system is perfect and Australia is still far ahead of the rest of the world,’ he said.

‘Let’s remember seven states and territories have pretty much no community transmission at all. 

‘Where outbreaks do occur you need to move on them as the Victorian Government is. 

‘They have our full support with that. We are putting significant resources in to assist them. 

Mr Morrison said mistakes in hotel quarantine were lessons for other states, noting no system would be perfect. 

He cautioned against other states reinstating shutdowns if local infection rates remain low.

‘We need to keep the economy open. If we don’t do that it will cost jobs.’

Lockdown will be reinforced across 10 Melbourne postcodes from Thursday until July 29.

People living in those areas will only be allowed to leave home for work, study, essential shopping, exercise or to receive or give care.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has also launched a judicial inquiry into hotel quarantine with a slew of cases linked to staff infection control breaches. 

Under Victoria’s aggressive coronavirus suppression measures, international flights will be diverted away from Melbourne for two weeks.

Queensland is banning Victorians from entering the state but welcoming other visitors from July 10.

South Australia has shelved plans to reopen its Victorian border but is weighing up a travel deal with NSW and the ACT.

Mr Morrison downplayed criticism from Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who implored him to stop picking on her state over border closures.

There is an election in Queensland. I’m not surprised the rhetoric is amping up. 

‘We are keeping the country together. 

‘I made similar comments on changes in borders in South Australia.’

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