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UK cop under investigation for kicking black man during arrest in London

A black man in London was allegedly kicked by a police officer as he was pushed to the ground in a caught-on-camera incident that’s now under investigation.

The video shows eight officers trying to restrain the man on a sidewalk, as one of them appears to kick the man in the legs while others tackle him to the ground. Two officers finally detain the man.

The encounter happened on Friday in Croydon in South London, according to My London.

The Metropolitan Police said they’re investigating the incident and that “the actions of each officer seen in the footage will form part of this assessment.”

It’s unclear why the man was being arrested.

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Sky News criticised for ending interview when journalist's son demanded biscuits

Sky News has been criticised for cutting off an interview with foreign affairs editor Deborah Haynes when her child walked into the room.

Haynes’ interview with Mark Austin went viral last night after her young son burst into the room to ask if he could have two biscuits.

The journalist said: ‘Oh I’m really sorry, that’s my son arriving, really embarrassed, sorry’, as she told her son to wait ‘one second’.

However, the canny lad realised this was a prime opportunity for negotiations, as he asked: ‘Can I have two biscuits?’

Haynes agreed to his demand and apologised to Austin, but back in studio, they cut the interview about the new Hong Kong security law short.

Austin said: ‘We’ll leave Deborah Haynes in full flow there with some family duties, but that’s what happens during lockdown and trying to report in lockdown.’

While the moment delighted viewers, many were irritated with how Austin handled the cute interruption, and argued that the interview should have continued.

As Dr Wenham’s daughter Scarlett stormed the room to put her unicorn picture on a shelf and questioned what the news anchor’s name was, Fraser laughed along and said: ‘Scarlett, I think it looks better on the lower shelf. And it’s a lovely unicorn.’

Mark Austin has denied cutting off Haynes, though, tweeting: ‘I was keen to stay with it and find out which was the biscuit of choice ….but international affairs beckoned.’

He also called the moment ‘the best bit of the programme’ and said Haynes’ son was a ‘smart negotiator’.

Haynes joked about the moment on Twitter, writing: ‘Thank you for the lovely comments after my son’s impromptu appearance mid-live-broadcast. I can confirm that his high-stakes negotiating skills netted him two chocolate digestives.’

However, it seems he hit another road block post TV debut.

Speaking to Greg James on Radio 1, Haynes said: ‘After that happened, I was obviously just dying inside and was really embarrassed. And he shuffled off thinking that he could get his biscuits.

‘He came back a few minutes later because he couldn’t find his biscuits.’

Life comes at you real fast. 

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Beauty and Fashion

Daily horoscope for Thursday July 2 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today


March 21 to April 20

You know what is right and are ready to say it or show it, so important relationships can be refreshed and people who felt far away come closer.

Your passion profile is full of red-hot contradictions and opposites attract, finding personal ways to prove your love matters far more than expensive gestures.

Work promises you didn’t take seriously might surprise you.


April 21 to May 21

There is a sense of power play in your chart, making love such a delicious challenge.

How much will you give and what will you ask for?

If you are single, a keen driver can steer romance on a new route.

Sticking to your beliefs in a work situation is not easy but is the right move.

Yes, “B” can help.


May 22 to June 21

A co-operation moon asks you to give up a little to gain a lot.

Try to leave pride behind when you start talking to a friend or family member.

The progress can be so good and so fast.

If you are settled in love, make requests, not demands, and enjoy the negotiation process.

Single? “The one” asks for you by name.


June 22 to July 22

You are on a work push forward, even if you do not realise it.

Someone assessing your skills likes what they see, so be your absolute best in every way.

Bonds of love and loyalty grow stronger when they are built on honesty.

Even if words are hard to say, they open up a wonderful new personal world.


July 23 to August 23

You have been playing a role and done it well.

But right now the genuine you is required, even if your views and feelings do not always toe the line.

Changes are not only possible, they are in your power to make.

Love is all about reaching out, so do not be too cool or too shy to make the first move.


August 24 to September 22

Your home chart sparkles with smart ideas and nothing is too ambitious for you in that area.

Once you set your sights on a goal, you have great focus and can get others on board faster than you expect.

Your love chart has high ideals and a time of pushing your needs to the back of the queue is over.


September 23 to October 23

This is a solid communication day. Even if others are not keen to start or finish a conversation, you should pursue it.

Map out in advance what you want and need to say.

That voice in your head that doubts your skills falls silent when you trust your decisions.

Love is most meaningful when you least expect it.


October 24 to November 22

Look again at what you care about in your life, as your chart is set to help you hold on to what you need.

Do it with your own energy and efforts, not anyone else’s.

A cash change is simpler when you start, so do not delay.

Love is about deep connections and draws you towards a kind, thoughtful face.


November 23 to December 21

The moon is with you now, putting your needs in order and making passion a priority.

The more you give to a partner, the more you get back – perhaps not straight away but very soon.

If you are hiding feelings or facts in a work setting, share them with someone you trust and get ready to move on.


December 22 to January 20

There is a strong security strand running through your chart, taking you towards the people and places who make you feel good.

However exciting certain bonds might be, you are ready to take a break from their uncertainty.

A kind of work you love is coming closer and a new social media contact is the key.


January 21 to February 18

Your chart is so strong in friendship, linking you to people who care about you.

All kinds of groups, even ones you might not have chosen to join, bring you benefits and teach you about yourself.

Passion grows where a poem or story is read aloud.

Single? A born entertainer stars with you.


February 19 to March 20

You are ready to walk the walk and prove you deserve your place at a table or on a team.

You do it well just as you are, so do not try to be someone else.

If you have given all you can to a friend, partner or family member, it is time to draw a line.

Love flourishes best within limits.

Luck writes on green paper.

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Join our Time For Change racism debate and help bring about a better future

RACE and inequality issues have dominated the news recently – and now we want YOU to join the discussion.

The Sun is hosting a Time For Change panel debate examining race in Britain in 2020.

Our panelists will include boxing champion Anthony Joshua, education reformer Katharine Birbalsingh and Black Lives Matter protest hero Patrick Hutchinson.

TalkSPORT’s Hugh Woozencroft will host the discussion and put YOUR questions to the panel.

It will be broadcast on talkRADIO and talkSPORT next week.

Anthony said: “This is a great opportunity to bring about lasting change.”

Head teacher Katharine said: “I am really excited to be part of this discussion.

“Talking about these issues is how we develop our thinking and how we can make the world a better place, which is what teaching is all about.

"I am looking forward to hearing questions from Sun readers.”

  • To have your say, visit and send us your questions by Thursday. The debate will be broadcast on talkSport, talkRadio and all of the Sun’s platforms.

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Tinder app not working for thousands as messages fail to send

TINDER down reports are flooding in tonight with the dating app failing to work for thousands of people tonight.

Users have reported messages failing to send and getting an error 50000 alert.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has detected a huge spike in Tinder down reports all day.

Some 50 per cent are having server connection issues while more than a quarter are experiencing issues sending messages.

On Twitter Tinder users have also reported getting an error 50000 alert when they try to use the service.

The Down Detector outage map says the Tinder down issues are mainly affecting users in the UK and Europe.

Some parts of the US are also impacted.

At the peak of the outage so far Down Detector registered more than 2,500 reports of Tinder failing.

More to follow…

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Going for a walk in the park is people's preferred social distanced date

Now lockdown measures are easing and the recommended distance to keep may be dropped from two metres to one metre plus (whatever that means), are you ready to overcome your FOMU and take your dates from Zoom chats to IRL meetups?

Once you decide to meet in real life, what should you do? Can dating be done without the usual settings of dimly lit bars and sticky-floored cinemas?

And what if you don’t fancy limiting your options by deciding early on that your chosen date should enter your social bubble?

The obvious answer is a socially distanced date – one done outside, with a minimum of one metre keeping you apart.

If you need further inspiration, worry not, as OkCupid surveyed their users to find out what socially distanced dates they most desire, so you can take your pick from the popular options.

Topping the list is the simplest option: 57% said they would prefer to go on an outdoor stroll with their date.

Not only is that easy to organise – just plan a route or pick a park and walk its perimeter – but it’s free, low pressure, and gives you the chance to chat without having to worry about finding an adequately distanced spot to set up.

Next up is on the best possible dates list is the classic picnic, with 22% of those surveyed saying they’d choose a picnic as their ideal lockdown date.

Again, this has the benefit of being outdoors and laidback enough to let you just sit and chat. Just make sure you chat beforehand to ensure all essential snacks are brought and there’s no doubling up on any items – having two bottles of Prosecco with nothing to eat may sound fun, but it’s tricky to get to know someone when you’re bleary-eyed and distracted by the rumblings of each other’s stomachs.

Oh, and don’t forget to pack a picnic blanket that’s large enough to let you sit a metre or more apart.

If you prefer an activity-focused date, going for something creative will mean you’re on to a winner, with shared creative endeavours such as painting the preferred date choice for 17% of those surveyed.

Exercise is a riskier option, with just 5% choosing this as their preferred socially distanced date.

We’d advise checking that your date buddy actually wants to get hot and sweaty before you start mapping out running routes.

We chatted to Michael Kaye, a dating expert at OkCupid, for his advice on trying socially distanced dating, and he said it’s all about relaxing, laughing, and embracing the strangeness of this whole finding-love-in-a-pandemic thing.

‘We know that over 82% of OkCupid respondents want to get back to in-person dates after the lockdown eases, but it’s important to follow social distancing guidelines, while they’re still in place,’ says Michael. ‘Socially distant dating might feel a little awkward to start with, but it’s no different a feeling to many first dates!

‘It’s all about having fun while remaining respectful of government advice.

‘It may be hard to think of ways you and your date can connect, without physically touching. But for those who are single and dating, or even those in relationships, there’s still plenty of socially distanced, al fresco dates you can go on! A popular option is having a picnic in a park or, if you’re fortunate to live by the coast, a stroll along the beach, especially now during the summer.

‘How about a walk or bike ride to explore an area of town or nature spot you’ve not been to before? And for those daters who are into their fitness, why not opt for going on a run together? It’ll get you both out of the house, and might help you blow off some steam from work!’

And remember, not being able to touch isn’t a terrible thing – it might save you from rushing into things.

Take some time to appreciate the old-fashioned enjoyment of courting without getting physically intimate, even if this is borne out of fear of spreading coronavirus rather than anything more romantic.

‘It’s important to remember that intimacy isn’t just a physical thing – it’s not only touch that can create deep and meaningful connections,’ says Michael. ‘Spending a bit of face to face, one on one time with your date will help you get to know one another better and build your relationship.

‘And, the social distancing restrictions will only make things even more exciting for when regulations ease further!’

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Best Dresses For Summer 2020 | The Sun UK

SUMMER is upon us which means it’s the season of the summer dress.

There’s nothing quite like a good summery frock to blow the winter cobwebs away, and this season, the SS20 catwalks were awash with bold prints and colours to get you in the mood for sunshine and good times.

See highlights from the #LFW February 2020 public sessions, where guests were invited to the LFW Hub to discover an immersive and innovative experience which included a designer catwalk show form @temperleylondon, #PositiveFashion talks from @lewishamilton and @tommyhilfiger as well as exclusive access into the Positive Fashion Exhibition and @britishfashioncouncil NEWGEN installation. To see more highlights from the event visit link in bio.

A post shared byLondon Fashion Week (@londonfashionweek) on

While pub gardens and holidays might feel like a long way off right now, there’s nothing better than a summer dress to lift your spirits while the lockdown eases — plus who doesn’t want to be ready to hit the town when all of this is over?

This season's summer dresses have something to suit all tastes and body shapes, whether you prefer boho maxis, utility day dresses or more trend-led pieces.

With that in mind, we’ve hunted down the very best summer dresses for 2020 that are all bang on trend and guaranteed to add some fun to your wardrobe.

Time to meet your new summer heroes…

1. Best for statement print summer dresses: Oliver Bonas

  1. Shadow Palm Print Blue & Brown Midi Dress, £75 from Oliver Bonas – buy here
  2. Scarf Print Blue Mini Dress, £65 from Oliver Bonas – buy here
  3. Mosaic Print White Pleated Midi Dress, £69.50 from Oliver Bonas – buy here
  4. Floral Print Shirred Pink Midi Dress, £75 from Oliver Bonas – buy here

Independent British lifestyle store, Oliver Bonas, is a fave on the high street, and while we love their quirky homeware — there's also so much to fall in love with, sartorially!

The brand's offering of summer dresses this season certainly doesn't disappoint, with an array of beautiful florals and graphic prints to suit all tastes.

Channel this season's prairie trend with a shirred floral midi or inject some tropical flavour into your seasonal wardrobe with a bold blue palm print maxi that's guaranteed to make a statement.

2. Best for easy-wearing mini summer dresses: & Other Stories

  1. Flowy Buttoned Mini Dress, £45 from & Other Stories – buy here
  2. Puff Sleeve Ruffle Mini Dress, £120 from & Other Stories – buy here
  3. Sleeveless Button Up Mini Dress, £45 from & Other Stories – buy here
  4. Puff Sleeve Mini Dress, £41 (was £55) from & Other Stories – buy here

Puff sleeves: check. Ruffles: check. Easy silhouettes: check. Need we say more?

When it comes to summer frocks, & Other Stories are making things look effortless with their selection of colourful mini dresses.

And getting your wardrobe sunshine-ready really doesn't get any more adorable than these pretty styles, which do playful and flirty in the sweetest way.

From minty green exaggerated sleeve silhouettes to lemon-fresh voluminous tiers, snap up your fave now or regret it.

3. Best for purse-friendly summer dresses: Boohoo

  1. Ditsy Floral Ruffle Sundress, £15.40 (was £22) from Boohoo – buy here
  2. Strappy Low Back Tiered Swing Dress, £12.60 (was £18) from Boohoo – buy here
  3. Square Neck Puff Sleeve Skater Dress, £17.50 (was £25) from Boohoo – buy here
  4. Woven Leopard Maxi Slip Dress, £12.60 (was £18) from Boohoo – buy here

If you're looking to update your summer wardrobe on a budget, Boohoo's selection of summer dresses won't disappoint.

Stripes, block colour, animal print, florals… there's so much on offer it can get a little overwhelming, but we're coveting this roundup of four frocks that will pretty much keep you covered whatever the summer throws at you.

Something white, something bright, something ditsy and something midi might just be our new fashion mantra…

4. Best summer dresses for splashing the cash: Selfridges

  1. Floral woven mini dress by Faithfull The Brand, £145 from Selfridges – buy here
  2. Abstract-pattern satin midi dress by Dries Van Noten, £815 from Selfridges – buy here
  3. Rocco floral-print cotton midi dress by S Max Mara, £235 from Selfridges – buy here

The 60s called… and we couldn't wait to answer!

Looking like it stepped straight off Carnaby Street mid-flower-power-fever, S Max Mara's striking floral print dress (above, right) features an all-over flower print in pure cotton — perfect for the season.

Meanwhile, Faithfull The Brand has turned out an eye-popping floral graphic mini that's shot straight to the top of our wishlist (above, left) — although it faces stiff competition from Dries Van Noten's satin midi (above, centre), which is an absolute masterclass in how to do monochrome.

All three are available from Selfridges and are must-haves if you're looking for statement designer summer dresses to invest in this season.

5. Best summer dresses for coastal style: Seasalt Cornwall

  1. Belle Dress, £65 from Seasalt Cornwall – buy here
  2. Coastal Route Dress, £67.95 from Seasalt Cornwall – buy here
  3. Sea Quest Dress £75 from Seasalt Cornwall – buy here
  4. Briarfield Dress, £65 from Seasalt Cornwall – buy here

Cornish brand, Seasalt Cornwall, makes gorgeous clothing inspired by—you guessed it—Cornwall and its coastal beauty.

Known for their pretty, hand-crafted prints and feminine shapes, their dresses are a masterclass in style that is timeless—perfect if you're looking for something that won't look dated, come next season.

We're loving the simplicity of the A-line pinafore, while the Coastal Route dress offers something a little more directional with its statement print. If in doubt, check out the reviews to see how others found the sizing of each dress. It's a fool-proof way to ensuring you choose the right dress for you.

6. La Redoute's Fruit Print Cotton Midi Dress

  • Fruit Print Cotton Midi Dress with Shoestring Straps, £25.20 (was (£42) from La Redoute – buy here

What could be more summery than strawberries?

This fruity dress looks good enough to eat and is perfect for adding some fun and carefree vibes into your summer wardrobe.

With shoestring straps, it's super airy,  while the midi length makes this an ultra-comfortable style for wearing to the park.

Picnic, anyone?

7. Outerknown's Astrid Dress

  • Astrid dress, £177 from Outerknown – buy here

Summer temperatures demand easy-fitting silhouettes that not only keep you feeling cool but look great while they're doing it.

This dress by Outerknown ticks all the boxes with its relaxed fit, while the ruffled sleeve detailing keeps things looking super-cute.

The LA-based brand (co-founded by surfer Kelly Slater) is rooted in sustainable production, too — this irresistible dress is made from 100% organic cotton sourced from a small-scale artisan group in India.

What's not to love?

8. Thought's Miriam Hemp Jersey Spot Print Dress

  • Miriam Hemp Jersey Spot Print Dress, £89.95 from Thought – buy here

Polka dots are huge this season, so jump aboard the dot-wagon with this dreamy dress by London-based brand, Thought.

We're loving the hand-painted print which gives this frock bags of charm and character, while the loose, midi silhouette is ideal for staying cool in the heat.

Made from one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres in the world (hemp!), it's guaranteed to last and is a timeless piece that looks great whether worn with trainers or dressed up with sandals and pretty jewellery.

9. Urban Outfitters's San Fran Printed Mesh Mini Dress

  • San Fran Printed Mesh Mini Dress, £39 from Urban Outfitters – buy here

Grateful Dead, anyone?

Champions of cool-girl style, Urban Outfitters, have struck gold once again with this striking mini dress that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Inspired by San Francisco's iconic 60s and 70s music posters, this psychedelic illustrated dress is perfect for rocking out in the garden while you wait for the festivals to start up again.

Team it with a pair of big chunky boots and a warm beer for a suitably authentic experience.

10. New Look's Bright Pink Puff Sleeve Tiered Midi Dress

  • Bright Pink Puff Sleeve Tiered Midi Dress, £27.99 from New Look – buy here

Neon is one of the biggest trends this season, with Christopher Kane, Valentino and Moschino all leading the way with an explosion of acid brights at their SS20 presentations.

Tap into the trend with this bold and beautiful New Look midi in hot pink.

We’re loving the puff sleeves and square neckline which bring even more of a directional feel to this look-at-me style.

11. Accessorize's Lace Insert Sleeved Maxi Dress

  • Accessorize Lace Insert Sleeved Maxi Dress, £44 from Very – buy here

Floaty, white dresses are a timeless summer staple and this year is no exception.

Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu and Erdem all showed how it’s done, sending broderie anglaise, romantic maxis and lace trim dresses down their runways — all in the lightest and whitest of shades.

This trend is all about channelling your inner ethereal goddess, and we can think of no better way to do that than in this angelic maxi by Accessorize.

The crochet lace inserts and angel sleeves really add to the laidback feel of this frock — buy it now for instant holiday vibes.

12. Kitri's Lenora Pink Lace Midi Dress

  • Kitri Lenora pink lace midi dress, £145 from Harvey Nichols – buy here

Kitri is the brainchild of professional ballerina-turned-fashionista Haeni Kim.

It’s no wonder the cult womenswear brand is beloved by the fashion elite and social media influencers alike: just look at this dreamy lace midi!

Team it with espadrilles for the prettiest of summer looks, or wear with flat sandals for a more dressed-down feel.

13. Free People's Getaway Floral Pattern Cotton Midi Dress

  • Free People Getaway floral-pattern cotton midi dress, £105 (was £150) from Selfridges – buy here

Did someone say Woodstock?

This floral beauty by Free People summons up the spirit of flower power with its retro floral print and floor-sweeping silhouette.

Laidback and easy-to-wear, this is an essential summer dress you can just throw on and enjoy season after season — plus it's made from airy cotton for the breeziest of fits.

14. Joules’s Riva Sleeveless Stripe Cotton Dress

  • Joules Riva Sleeveless Stripe Cotton Dress, £34.95 from John Lewis – buy here

Cotton is the ultimate choice for summer dresses and will keep you feeling cool and crisp when the heat cranks up a notch.

We’re loving the simplicity of this sleeveless dress by Joules, which is given a boost of colour with rainbow-hued nautical stripes.

It's an effortlessly stylish frock that will look great with flip flops, plimsolls or wedges.

15. Oasis’s Popper Utility Dress

  • Oasis Popper Utility Dress, £49.00 from John Lewis – buy here

Every summer wardrobe needs a utilitarian-inspired dress for laidback, everyday wear.

This Oasis dress looks perfectly chic in rust orange and is made from a robust cotton with a touch of stretch, making it ultra-comfortable to boot.

When the sun goes down, wear it over a tee or polo neck sweater to nail transitional layering.

16. Reformation’s Violaine Dress

  • Violaine Dress, £190 from Reformation – buy here

Time to let your legs out with this super-adorable mini strappy dress from Reformation.

If there’s one thing that screams summer, it surely has to be gingham — and this sweet frock has summer BBQs and picnic baskets written all over it.

Team it with mules for a pretty day look, or layer it over a white tee for a more 90s inspired take.

17. Reformation’s Harleen Dress

  • Reformation Harleen Dress, £265 from Reformation – buy here

Peekaboo: here’s another massive trend for SS20 you can cut out and keep… quite literally.

The likes of JW Anderson, Emporio Armani and Gucci sent garments featuring cheeky cut-outs down the runway and this is one trend you can expect to see everywhere this summer.

Reformation do it just perfectly with this midi dress which looks perfectly sweet and demure up front, with a daring open back and sides.

18. Select's Multi Floral Chiffon Tiered Dress

  • Multi Floral Chiffon Tiered Dress, £14.49 (was £17.99) from Select – buy here

Floral is a staple print season after season and really comes into its own during the summer months. Who can blame it?

In a peachy hue, this dress by Select is a gorgeously floaty number that we've tried ourselves and are giving a big thumbs-up.

The bardot neckline and tiered silhouette are perfect for creating drama, while the longer length sleeves are ultra-flattering if spaghetti straps aren't your thing. At under £15, it's a bargain too.

19. Juliet Dunn’s Nomad mirror-work cotton dress

  • Juliet Dunn Nomad mirror-work cotton dress, £200 from Matches Fashion – buy here

It's a given that summer dresses involve more skin on display, but that's not to say you can't cover up in style too.

We're in love with this light and airy dress by Juliet Dunn, with floaty sleeves that are super-flattering — ideal if spaghetti straps aren't your thing.

Meanwhile, the mirror-work embroidery is giving us all the bohemian travel vibes we could want right now. If we can't be in Marrakech right now, we'll certainly dress like we are!

Inspired by traditional Indian textiles, this is a summer essential that will always work, no matter the season's trends.

20. Levi's Sienna Dress

  • Levi's Sienna Denim Dress, £70 from Anthropologie – buy here

If we’re talking summer dresses, there’s no way we can’t mention the quintessential denim dress.

This is a style staple for achieving an effortlessly laidback summery look and Levi’s is easily the first port of call when shopping denim.

The midi, sleeveless style of the Sienna dress makes it ideal for layering over a tee if you don’t want your arms fully on display, while you can easily transition into autumn by pairing it with a turtleneck. An absolute must-have.

21. Urban Outfitters's Hanna Plaid Mini Dress

  • Hanna Plaid Mini Dress, £39 from Urban Outfitters – buy here

If laidback summer dresses are the ones you covet the most, do yourself a favour and head straight to Urban Outfitters online.

Clad in plaid, this tiered mini dress gives off all the cool-girl style credentials you could possibly want and works just as well with a great big pair of chunky boots as it does with a pair of pretty sandals.

This is one of those frocks you'll love for years and will remain completely timeless, so do snap it up now.

22. Sezane’s Theodora Dress

  • Theodora Dress, £120 from Sezane – buy here

This Sezane dress is already a favourite with Mancunian style blogger Megan Ellaby and it's no wonder — the smock design makes this such an easy-wearing style, while the colour is ultra-flattering for all skin tones.

Wear this with layered bracelets and a simple pair of white trainers for effortlessly put-together, everyday summer style.

23. Needle & Thread's Chakra Ruffle Sun Dress

  • Chakra Ruffle Sun Dress, £285 from Needle & Thread – buy here

There’s no denying it: this Needle & Thread maxi is sunshine and fun on a stick!

We’re head-over-heels for this gorgeous ruffle tiered maxi in rainbow hues, which is perfect for making a full-on fashion statement this summer.

In keeping with the brand’s conscious living movement, the dress is crafted from 100% recycled tulle and crepe de chine — so you can swish and sway to your heart’s content, knowing you’re doing your bit for sustainability.

24. Oasis’s Curve Leaf Print Dress

  • Curve Leaf Print Dress, £56 from Oasis – buy here

This floral dress from Oasis fits just as a dress should: in at the waist, out at the hips and gently skimming over curves to create the most form-flattering shape.

Plus, that leaf and bird print is giving us all the tropical vibes we need: what’s not to love?

A versatile dress that works perfectly from day to night with just a simple change of accessories.

25. M&S's Polka Dot Midi Slip Dress

  • Polka Dot Midi Slip Dress, £22.50 from M&S – buy here

The slip dress is a no-brainer for keeping cool as temperatures soar, and creates a really chic minimalist look when paired with simple accessories.

This spotty style from M&S is perfect for nailing the polka dot trend and features a tiered hemline and strappy design for an ultra-airy and breezy feel.

Team it with a denim jacket and sandals — like M&S have — for an instantly stylish everyday ensemble.

Enjoyed our guide for the best dresses for summer? Why not check out the best way to wear polka dots?

We've also rounded up the best loungewear of 2020.

And check out more from Sun Selects fashion here.

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Single mum holds record for climbing Everest more times than any other woman

Lhakpa Sherpa knows a thing or two about being on a high.

The single mum-of-three holds the world record for climbing Everest more times than any other woman, with nine summits under her climbing harness.

She was hoping to make her tenth summit this spring but instead, she is stuck in her small apartment on the east coast of America in Connecticut due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The unassuming mountaineer, who doesn’t have any big-name sponsors or endorsement deals, admits the pandemic has been tough and her minimum wage work has pretty much dried up.

She had left her job as a dishwasher at Whole Foods ahead of her trip to Everest so now she is just ‘waiting out the virus’ to find some employment to tide her through until the next climbing season starts.

Her CV in America, where she moved to in 2001 with her ex-husband in a bid ‘to have a better shot at life’, includes doing everything from construction work to a ‘more rewarding job’ caring for the elderly at a community centre.

On top of having no job currently, Lhakpa, says the racism she has faced during the pandemic ‘has been rough’ and an additional thing to battle.

‘People are really scared of my daughters and me because we are Asian. I’ve been confronted by people who think we are Chinese.’

Lhakpa points out that she is Nepalese, and she is proud of her heritage and being born a ‘Sherpa’.

She explains: ‘Sherpa means two things. I was born a Sherpa. It is my last name. There are about 300,000 of us worldwide.

‘Sherpa is also the name most people use to describe high altitude mountain guides which is a common livelihood among the Sherpa people.’

The outdoorswoman remembers a simple life growing up in the ‘beautiful and rural’ village of Balakharka, with Makalu – the world’s fifth highest mountain – on her doorstep.

There was no electricity, her father ran tea houses, and she didn’t attend school as a child because she was a girl.

Asked how old she is, Lhakpa says that’s tricky as she wasn’t born in a hospital and there were no birth certificates but she estimates that she is 42 based on the information she has gathered.

She is from a large family with ten siblings and most of her brothers and sisters made ends meet by guiding or portering on the surrounding mountains. A more dangerous but more lucrative prospect than growing potatoes.

Lhakpa followed suit. She turned her attention to climbing after she started working as a porter and carrying supplies through the mountains.

She recalls: ‘I was very curious and wanted to explore the lands beyond my village.

‘I ended up moving some tourists’ mountain climbing gear. I saw these people put on thick down suits and bring out their specialist clothing. I wanted to be like them. I felt strong and capable. I even saw another woman climbing, a British woman.

‘Another thing that inspired me to start climbing was my fatigue at always hearing that women weren’t capable of performing tough jobs.

‘I wanted to show everyone that women are just as capable as men. I then started mountaineering with tourists and just kept pushing myself.’

In the spring of 2000, Lhakpa became the first Nepalese woman to summit Everest and descend alive. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa summited in 1993 but died on the way down.

After achieving her first Everest summit, Lhakpa was hooked.

She simply describes the feeling of being on top of the world as ‘dynamic, deadly, and euphoric’.

While she has gone on to climb the 8,848-metre (29,030 feet) peak eight times since, including one time just eight months after giving birth, and another when she was two months pregnant, Lhakpa says her first summit was the hardest.

She muses: ‘That time was so scary. Everyone told me I’d get killed. I’ve come to know that Everest is no joke. It’s a tough job.’

Underscoring Lhakpa’s point, Everest claims six to ten lives per average season.

In 2019, 11 people perished, with a record number of climbing permits issued listed as a contributing factor.

Touching wood, Lhakpa says she has had no serious injuries to date but she says seeing people die around her in the death zone is the most pain she has felt.

On the training front, Lhakpa keeps fit with regular hikes. One of her favourite places to explore is Talcott Mountain state park in Simsbury, Connecticut.

She also used to walk to work instead of taking public transport and being on her feet all day washing pots was a good test of her stamina.

Diet is something she has only recently paid more attention to. On the subject of food, she reveals: ‘I’m a stress eater. I only recently started looking at what I eat. I work hard and stay in shape usually by hiking.

‘You have to bulk up to climb Everest since it’s difficult to eat on the mountain. Also having more fat keeps you warmer.

‘Many Sherpas get chubby and then go climb. They eat a lot of food for about two months before they go climbing. I just get fat living in America.’

When it comes to gear, Lhakpa says things have changed a lot over the past decade but she likes to stick with what she knows.

She even wears a 50-year-old oxygen mask, because she thinks it is more reliable than the newer ones.

‘The gear has changed a lot,’ she tells us. ‘It’s gotten more technical and complicated. The gear was very simple back in the year 2000. Technical gear is no good in the death zone.

‘Things have to be easily handled with thick gloves on. If you have to take your gloves off, you risk losing fingers. I love my old gear.

‘Most Sherpas prefer older gear. Simple and reliable. It can be the difference between life and death. I love my harness most of all because it keeps me safe.’

One of the most incredible things about Lhakpa is that she doesn’t blow her own trumpet about her achievements.

Many of her former colleagues have little idea what she gets up to when she’s not caring for the elderly or washing pots.

Touching on her dreams for the future before returning to help her daughters with their school work through online learning, Lhakpa says: ‘My ultimate goal is to get my tenth Everest summit in April 2021.

‘Then I would love to climb K2, the world’s second-highest peak in Pakistan, get a book written about my life and having a sponsor would be nice too.

‘For now, I have achieved one goal of setting up my website so can teach others about what I know about the outdoors and take people on expeditions with me.

‘I want to guide, for it is my passion in life.’

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World News

Teacher, 49, arrested for ‘performing sex act on boy,15, at graduation party’ before she was confronted by his mom – The Sun

A MIDDLE school teacher was arrested on Thursday after she allegedly had sexual contact with a 15-year-old boy at a graduation party.

Leslie Bushart, a former teacher at Lake Gibson Middle School near Lakeland, Florida, was arrested and charged with one count of felony lewd battery, after attending a graduation party on June 6 where the incident occurred.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Bushart, 49, told police that she and the boy had walked away from the crowd during the party.

“She attempted to smoke marijuana, but was so drunk that she couldn’t get it lit,” the Sheriff’s press release alleges.

“At that point she began performing oral sex on the victim.”

Then, according to the release, Bushart and the boy rejoined the party and the teacher talked about what had happened.

“Bushart told another person at that party that she had just performed oral sex on the teenage victim,” the release states.

“That person then informed the mother of the victim. The mother confronted Bushart, who then quickly left the party.”

Bushart allegedly reached out to the victim’s mother through Facebook Messenger after the party and said that she had been drunk at the party.

The parents informed police and an investigation opened on June 16.

In a press conference on Friday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd reiterated the charges against Bushart and said the victim’s mother was angry.

“You can imagine that she wasn’t too pleased with that set of circumstances,” Judd said.

Judd called Bushart’s alleged actions a ‘betrayal” and vows to prosecute her aggressively.

“Leslie Bushart victimized a teenage boy. She betrayed her profession, as well as her friends during what was supposed to be a very special day,” Judd said in the press release.

“There is technically one victim in this case, but the entire family and school community have suffered from this.”

According to PEOPLE, Bushart is being held at the Polk County Jail on $15,000 bond.

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‘Ozark’ Is Returning For A Fourth & Final Season

Update: Netflix announced on June 30 that Ozark will return for a fourth and final season. It will be split into two parts, each with seven episodes. A premiere date has not yet been announced.

Earlier: Ozark, Netflix’s hit drama about money laundering and warring crime families, is finally back for a third season. Set six months after Season 2, Season 3 revolves around Marty and Wendy’s power struggle and the return of Wendy’s brother Ben. Netflix has not yet announced if Ozark will return for Season 4, but things are ratcheting up for the Byrdes, and Ozark‘s creative team has long planned for at least two more seasons.

"We’ve always talked about it as five seasons. It could be four, it could be seven … but that always seemed like a good number to us," Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy said during an April panel at the Milken Global Conference in Beverly Hills, per The Hollywood Reporter. He added that they’ve been gradually "building little things in, if we keep on track for the emotional ending we’re guessing we’ll have," but that ultimately, there are "people that are in bigger chairs than mine who make those decisions."

It’s very possible Ozark will be one of the few Netflix shows to make it beyond a third season, joining the likes of Orange is the New Black, Grace and Frankie, House of Cards, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. (Technically Narcos falls into this bucket too, since it ended after three seasons but spun off into Narcos: Mexico.) In 2017, Indiewire reported that Ozark was Netflix’s most popular show, ahead of Narcos and even Stranger Things. While that was just for Ozark‘s first season, one can assume its kept a strong viewership in order to make it to Season 3.

The reason why a lot of Netflix shows end with Season 3 is not totally clear, but Nellie Andreeva at Deadline suggested that Netflix’s unique investment model causes costs to skyrocket after a show’s second season. So, the streaming company gives its writers creative freedom to find an audience for two or three seasons, then tightens its renewal criteria as costs go up.

But if Ozark is indeed as popular as the numbers suggest, it’s likely to come back. The show was renewed for Season 3 just two months after Season 2’s release, so we should be getting news either way sometime this summer.

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