We'd love a Normal People sequel, says Daisy Edgar-Jones and director

A Normal People sequel? We’d love that, says Daisy Edgar-Jones and its director… but viewers may have to wait until 2025 to see what happened to the characters later in life

The lockdown television hit Normal People left captivated viewers desperate to find out whatever became of on-off lovers Connell and Marianne.

Now its star and director have both hinted that the drama could spawn a sequel… although fans might have to be very patient.

Daisy Edgar-Jones, who played well-heeled teenager Marianne, has spoken enthusiastically about returning to the role to find out what happens to her character later in life, but not just yet.

Normal People’s Daisy Edgar-Jones (pictured as Marianne with Paul Mescal, playing Connell) has spoken enthusiastically about returning to the role to find out what happens to her character later in life

The BBC series, adapted from Sally Rooney’s bestselling novel, ended with Marianne encouraging her working-class lover Connell, played by Paul Mescal, to accept a place on a writing course in New York while she remained in Dublin.

The 22-year-old actress said: ‘The open ending is kind of perfect. That’s what life is like, you never know what’s around the corner.

‘I quite like that I don’t know where they are and that we don’t have to say goodbye to them. But at the same time, I guess I would be curious to see where they go, maybe in their next stage of life, maybe in their early 30s or even later.

‘I would like to see what that would bring but I guess it’s up to Sally and what she wants to do.’

But viewers could be waiting a while to see Daisy-Edgar Jones star as Marianne again, as Director Lenny Abrahamson said a second series may not be until 2025

Director Lenny Abrahamson has also raised hopes of revisiting the characters, but not until 2025.

‘We’ve talked about the possibility of how interesting it would be to check back in with them,’ he said.

‘But apart from just general musings over a drink, there have been no concrete discussions. As Sally says, the book stops where it stops because it feels right. But I have a sneaking feeling in the back of my head that if everybody was willing, and if the stars aligned, I’d love to revisit them in five years and find out what happened.’

Mescal has previously said he would be interested in a sequel, saying: ‘If I got the opportunity to play him again, amazing.’

A second series would be welcomed by BBC bosses. The drama’s 12 episodes had 23 million downloads on iPlayer and has been a hit in both Ireland and America.

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Love Island's Belle Hassan reveals she's had 'long hard battle' with mental health that forced her to quit social media

LOVE Island’s Belle Hassan has revealed she’s had a ‘long hard battle’ with her mental health, which forced her to quit social media. 

The blonde beauty opened up in a heartfelt Instagram post about how she has been feeling and coping with her struggles. 

Belle, 22, who is the daughter of actor Tamar Hassan, bravely revealed exactly how she had been feeling and coping. 

She began: “I’ve been putting this off for so long. Thinking over and over in my head not really knowing how or what to say I’ve probably written and deleted this caption 20 times

“… the last few weeks I’ve struggled

“I feel like it’s about time I spoke out and was honest about my issues as normally I try to keep them quiet as I don’t want people to think different of me. I’ve had a long hard battle with my mental health and so many ups and downs smiles and tears I’m okay one minute and then I’m not okay the next…” 

Belle’s Love Island pals were quick to let the make-up artist know that she had support from them. 

Harley Brash, who appeared on the series alongside Belle, left a series of red love hearts. 

While Anna Vakili assured her pal: “You are not alone❤️ I love you so much,” and sandwich man Joseph Garratt wrote: “You’re amazing 🙌”

Danny Williams added: “Legend for posting this Belle. Big respect 👏🏾 ❤️”

And Francesca Allen wrote: “We got you 100% ❤️”

Belle went on in the emotional post about how she’s needed to take a break from Instagram, and a break from “comparing myself from feeling like I’m not enough”. 

The 22-year-old said she had kept quiet about the “battle in my head as I don’t want people to view me different or think I’m weak or some kind of victim”. 

She bravely urged her followers to know they are not their own just because people rely on them or think of them as the ‘strong one’. 

Belle urged: “…doesn’t mean you can’t have weak times, or even take time out to heal you first. Just because you are strong doesn’t mean you can’t hurt and cry and be sad.”

Speaking frankly in the candid post, Belle concluded: “Even when you are low you are still strong and what ever you are going through you will come out stronger than before.

“Just hope every one knows it’s okay to take time out to look after your self and your mind social media can be a hard place. all I can do is better my self and work out my happy medium, but babies I’m back, not perfect but trying my best…”

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Love Island's Danny Williams is rushed to hospital as he snaps his ankle dancing for TikTok in high heels

LOVE Island's Danny Williams was rushed to hospital after he broke his ankle while dancing in high heels for a TikTok video.

The model, 21, suffered a freak accident while enjoying an unofficial Love Island Reunion with Maura Higgins, Michael Griffiths, Chris Taylor and Jordan Hames.

Danny joined the boys in a TikTok challenge and broke his ankle after strutting in a perilously high pair of red platform heels.

In the sassy, video he struts towards the camera wearing a pair of hotpants, a crop top and high heels along with co-stars Christopher and Jordan.

But as the trio walked towards the camera, Danny's ankle crumpled beneath him and he crashed to the floor.

Taking to Instagram, he said: "First Tik tok with you lot and it’s cost me my ankle ffs is this what is gonna be like living with you?"

Chris and Jordan didn't realise how serious the injury was and burst out laughing along with Maura who was behind the camera

After his hospital visit, Danny was given morphine for the pain and he was soon fast asleep on the sofa.

Chris shared a video of his pal fast asleep and wrote: "Sleeping off the broken ankle."

Later, Danny shared the clip and said: "The morphine must’ve knocked me clean out.

"Don’t even remember falling asleep."

For the latest news on this story keep checking back at Sun Online, where we will bring you live updates as soon as they happen, before anyone else.

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Inside Love Island star Demi Jones' 22nd birthday celebrations with flower wall, amazing cake and doughnut wall

DEMI Jones celebrated her 22nd birthday in style yesterday afternoon.

The reality star – who shot to fame on the first ever Winter Love Islandearlier this year – celebrated her special day in Portsmouth with close friends and family in the comfort of her own home.

The beauty took to Instagram to show off her amazing party with her 1.1m followers on Instagram.

Demi kitted out her kitchen with lots of pink, sparkles and tasty treats for her guests to enjoy.

She had jars full to the brim with marshmallows, sweets and chocolate on a sparkly pink table.

The birthday girl also made sure she had the best backdrop for all her Instagram snaps with her very own Kim Kardashian inspired flower wall.

Her guests could also pick up their own doughnuts from her own personal doughnut wall which had 'Demi's Doughnuts' written on it.

But the celebrations didn't stop today after Demi also received an amazing hamper from one of her pals which was made up of some 22 balloons, pink flowers, lots of chocolate, a bottle of rose and a cute card.

A long list of her Love Island pals have also wished her a very happy birthday, including fellow Love Island contestant Ched Uzor.

He captioned a cute pic of him swinging her around in the air with: "Happy birthday lil sis @demijones1 I hope you have the best day."

His ex Jess Gale also took to Instagram to pay tribute to her gal pal with a video of them both with the caption: "Happy birthday to the kindest most gorgeous gal @demijones1"

Fellow islander Siannise Fudge also wished her a happy birthday with a video of them captioned: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! Hope you have the best day, love and miss you"

During the last few weeks in the villa Demi formed a strong bond with northern lad Luke Mabbott and they went on to finish in third place at the final in February.

But five weeks later they went into lockdown, 312 miles apart, with Demi living down south in Portsmouth, and Luke in the seaside town of Redcar in the north east.

While they spent lots of time together after the show ended, the coronavirus pandemic forced them apart.

A source exclusively told The Sun Online: "It's no huge drama – they're just better off as friends.

"They had a good run but they have split for good."

The source added: "There’s been no cheating or drama they just drifted apart – he’s looking forward to lockdown being over and making the most of his new single status."

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Love Island Australia spoilers: Tayla furious as Grant and Cassidy flirt during yoga task

LOVE Island Australia's Tyla is left furious after love interest Grant flirts with Cassidy during a yoga task.

The 23-year-old brunette beauty is unable to hide her frustrations during tonight's episode.

It comes after Cassidy’s shock decision to couple up with Grant in the dramatic recoupling.

Ahead of the challenge, Dom gets a text: "Islanders, couples that downward dog together, stay together. Welcome to couple’s yoga. #SexyFlexi."

As the new couples get to grips with their various yoga poses, it appears Grant and Cassidy are keen to get to know each other that little bit more.

Cassidy later confesses: "The yoga session was so much fun and to be honest I didn’t think Grant was going to participate, I thought I was going to end up doing it all on my own."

But in reality, the two couldn't contain their laughter as they took part in the challenge.

Viewers of the ITV2 dating show previously slammed Cassidy as "savage" for choosing to recouple with ex Grant.

Tayla and Grant were both outraged by the turn of events and vented in the beach hut later that all Cassidy was going to do was bring them closer together.

But will tonight's challenge leave Grant thinking otherwise?

Love Island: Australia airs every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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Inside Love Island winners Paige and Finn’s Manchester apartment with massive dressing room and views over the city

PAIGE Turley and Finn Tapp have been teasing fans with a sneak peek of their brand new Manchester apartment with a massive dressing room and views over the city.

The Love Island winners said they're planning to release a tour of their first home together on YouTube, but couldn't resist sharing a few snaps from inside.

The pair moved in with each other in June after three months living with Paige's parents in lockdown.

Now they've swapped Scotland for Manchester with a very stylish apartment after finding love on the first Winter series in January.

The apartment has three bedrooms and three bathrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and an incredible walk-in wardrobe.

Finn has showed fans his favourite parts of the house, including a shelf to maintain his handsome beard.

In other pictures, he's seen posing in a flat cap at the plush dining room with velvet chairs and stylish see-through curtains.

The couple have kept their kitchen classic, with grey cupboards and a white breakfast bar.

Meanwhile the dressing room looks kitted out with all the couple's clothes, shoes and bags – keeping it organised for their upcoming events out of lockdown.

Paige and Finn toasted their move over champagne on June 22 after finally leaving the family home in West Lothian where they spent lockdown together.

The couple even admitted crying on move-in day as they looked forward to their future.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, 22-year-old Paige said: "I got quite teary. Finn came down in a van and I came down in the car.

"It was the first time I’d seen it and I got here first. I FaceTimed him and he got teary because I was teary."

Despite being isolated just months after first meeting, 20-year-old Finn says it has made them stronger – and he's even planning on popping the question.

He explained: "I’m not going to wait – I want to propose soon! I don’t want to say a timescale as it’s going to be a surprise."

Paige and Finn have been one of the most rock-solid Love Island couples in the show's history, insisting they were planning to move in together and get married before they had even landed back in the UK.

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Woman who fell in love with best pal reveals they wed & fell pregnant at the same time using a DIY insemination kit

A WOMAN who married her female best friend – before they fell pregnant "in tandem" using a £72 home insemination kit and a sperm donor found online – told how their babies were born three days apart.

Inseparable after meeting at school, Karina Rincon, 31, and Kelly Mesa, 32,moved from Venezuela, South America, to the USA after graduating.

Both successful biomedical engineers, after confessing their true feelings, they became a couple and married in September 2017, when their thoughts turned to starting a family.

Priced out of expensive IVF clinics, they bought a £72 home artificial insemination kit, before finding a sperm donor online and doubling their chances of having a baby by both trying – never thinking they would each fall pregnant on their first attempt.

Now living as a family of four in Los Angeles, California, after Kelly gave birth to baby Leo on July 7, 2019, and her wife to his sister Sophie just three days later, Karina said: “I’m really glad we didn’t go into labour at the same time.

"That was a worry of ours, but thankfully, being three days apart meant that I could be there when Leo was born and Kelly could when Sophie was.

"People told us that we would kill each other being two pregnant women in the same house, with all those hormones flying around but, actually, it was great to go through this with the love of my life, who completely understood how I was feeling.”

Likewise, things could not have turned out better for Kelly.

She said: “We are so in love with our babies. People always ask if they’re twins and we joke, ‘Almost.’”

When the couple first met in secondary school, their friendship was purely platonic and they never dreamed they would fall in love.

Sharing confidences about everything, including dating, back then they were positive they were exclusively attracted to men.

After graduating, they moved to the USA and remained best friends – only their feelings developed and they realised they were no longer platonic.

Karina said: “Whenever I’d hear Kelly talking about boyfriends, I’d feel almost jealous and started to realise that it was because I had romantic feelings for her.

“She moved around a lot but, eventually, we found ourselves in the same city when we both moved to Miami. I was so nervous, as I had no idea how she would take it, but I had to tell her how I felt. Thankfully, she felt the same.”

For the first few years of their relationship, Kelly and Karina kept their love secret from their families – eventually coming out in 2017, just before marrying.

Together, the pair began to research their options for children, but soon found themselves priced out by expensive IVF clinics and sperm banks.

How does sperm donation stand legally in the UK?

Sperm donation can help couples struggling to have kids of their own or single women who want to start a family.

If you donate your sperm through a fertility clinic or a sperm bank, you won’t have any responsibilities or rights towards a child conceived using your semen.

However, as of April 2005, children conceived through sperm donation do have the right to ask for certain information about their donor once they reach the age of 16.

When they turn 18 they can also request to know the name and last known address of their donor.

The main reason men choose to donate their sperm is to help couples who can’t conceive naturally, or if they have a strong desire to pass on their genes to another generation.

In the UK, donation in exchange for payment is prohibited by law.

Then, in early 2018, they discovered a company online that offered at-home artificial insemination kits for just $89 (£72).

Kelly said: “Some of the clinics we looked at would have cost thousands and thousands – and that was just to find the donor. Then, there’d be all the costs of insemination, medication, doctors’ appointments and so on.

“The awkwardness of it all was also a component. Being able to be at home with a DIY kit seemed less invasive.”

One thing that was of the utmost importance to the couple was knowing as much as possible about their sperm donor – information that would have been hugely costly if they had used a private clinic.

Instead, they found an online network called, which matches couples looking to start a family with potential donors.

As registration on the site is free – though users do also have the option of paying for members-only access – it helped get around the issue of budget.

Setting up a profile, Kelly and Karina explained who they were and what they needed – and soon saw the messages flooding in.

Karina said: “Across the course of three months, we filtered the responses down to around 15 which we liked the sound of.

“Then we got to know them, sending questionnaires about their family history and genetics, and also what their motivation was for wanting to help was.

“We wanted somebody truly altruistic, but unfortunately not everybody out there is genuine.

“We narrowed it further and further down until there were just two donors. We would joke that it was like the reality show The Bachelor.”

Kelly and Karina then met the remaining two potential donors in person – neither of whom asked for money – before settling on their final decision in October 2018.

After all three parties took part in genetic screening – the results of which did not bring up anything of concern – it was time to start trying.

Shortly afterwards, Karina went for a blood test.

“The results seemed to show that I wasn’t pregnant, so we thought, ‘That’s okay. Let’s just wait and see what happens with Kelly,’” she said.

“Days later, in our tiny new apartment in Los Angeles, we got a test for Kelly to take.

"Two lines appeared, but they were so faint that we didn’t know what they meant.“I said to her, ‘My blood test has shown I’m not pregnant, so why don’t I take a test, too, as a control?’

“But when I did, mine looked the same – two little lines.”

For clarification, Kelly and Karina sent a photo of the tests to a nurse friend – who replied saying she thought they were both pregnant.

Karina added: “We took some more tests which confirmed it. We were both expecting, and around four weeks along.

“We couldn’t believe it – what were the chances?

“The reason my blood test hadn’t shown anything was because it was too early, so the levels of hormones in my body weren’t high enough.”

Gobsmacked that they had both been successful on their first attempt, Kelly and Karina then navigated the next nine months of pregnancy together.

Karina added: “We both understood how the other was feeling. It was nothing like it would have been if we’d had babies with men, where one of us wouldn’t be facing the limitations and challenges of pregnancy.

“The only difficult thing was sharing a bed with two ginormous bellies and both of us wanting to pee every five minutes.”

In the end, the couple’s baby boy Leo arrived first,  weighing 6lb 12oz, with Kelly giving birth on July 7, 2019.

She recalled: “Lots of staff at the hospital initially thought Karina was just my friend who happened to be pregnant at the same time.

“They couldn’t believe it when I told them, ‘She’s my wife, and she’s due any day, too.’

“The delivery was actually fairly quick and I was so grateful Karina could be there with me in the room.

"She was ready to pop by then, so nurses kept telling her to go home and rest, but she wanted to be by my side.”

Just three days later,7lb 11oz Sophie was welcomed into the world.

Kelly concluded: “My advice to other couples would be to be systematic."

Karina added: “My advice is to be patient. I still can’t quite believe the way things all happened for us, but don’t give up hope.

Super sperm donor Mitch Kennedy baffled This Morning viewers with his plan to prevent incestuous relationships among his expanding brood.

Meanwhile, 66 kids and counting… meet super sperm donor Clivehere.

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Fans Think Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Are Engaged After Spotting A Ring On *That* Finger &#821

Got something to tell us, Khloé Kardashian!?

This week, fans have been raising their brows over pics from the KUWTK star’s lavish 36th birthday party that took place over the weekend. Particularly, a pic that shows some bling on Khlo’s left ring finger!

That’s right, y’all. Fans think the Good American mogul is engaged to her wayward baby daddy Tristan Thompson thanks to a hard-to-miss pear-shaped diamond seen in one of the snaps (below)!

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on


Like we said, it’s hard to miss — and eagle-eyed fans made sure to point out the bling for anyone who had missed it, leaving comments like:

“Can we talk about that huge rock on her ring finger please?!!”

“We gonna pretend we don’t see that ring on her finger orrrrrrr”

“The ring sorry I mean the ROCK.”

More like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson if you ask us! LOLz!

Of course, while the statement piece looks like an engagement ring, it could just be some regular birthday bling seeing as Tristan has gifted Khlo diamond rings in the past. Then again, there’s been a lot of speculation that the on-off again pair, who share daughter True Thompson together, have rekindled their romance in recent weeks, especially since the exes have been quarantining together and the NBA star can’t seem to stop thirsting over the 36-year-old’s Instagram pics. 

Proposal or not, the Cleveland Cavaliers player made sure to post a very sweet b-day tribute to his “beautiful” baby momma on her special day, writing on IG:

“I’m wise enough now to know, you came into my life to show me just what it means to be an incredible person. I appreciate how I am able to learn from and grow because of you. I thank God for the beautiful and loving woman you are to everyone, especially our daughter True. You deserve the world Koko! True and I love you mama. Happy Birthday @khloekardashian

But is he wise enough to pop the question?? We’ll find out sooner than later, we guess!

Until then… what do U think, Perezcious readers? Are Khloé and Tristan engaged years after his infamous cheating scandal with Kylie Jenner‘s former bestie, Jordyn Woods? Share your guesses in the comments (below)!

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BET Awards 2020: Fans Love Lizzo, But Some Believe She Shouldn't Have Won Best Female Artist

The 2020 BET Awards were conducted as a first-time virtual event on June 28 and it went off without a hitch. Winners included Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, Migos, Chris Brown, and Teyana Taylor.

Many viewers hit social media to say they enjoyed the program more than the regular version, but there were some disagreements about who should’ve won in their respective categories. Some folks were hot about Lizzo’s win.

Lizzo received Best Female R&B/Pop Artist award

Early in the three-hour show, the contenders for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist were announced, and the names included Beyoncé, Kehlani, H.E.R., Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, and Lizzo. Lizzo snagged the honor, and she graciously accepted the award in a pre-recorded video.

In 2019, she released her third studio album, Cuz I Love You, but her popularity pushed two of her 2017 singles back up the charts. Last year, she was nominated for a BET award in the Best Female Artist category but didn’t win.

This year, Lizzo dominated the Grammy Awards as the most nominated artist and took home three of the awards. 2020 marks the first time she’s won a BET award.

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Some fans don’t think Lizzo should have won

It’s indisputable that Lizzo is has a large fan base and between her flute-playing talents and live performances, she delivers. Folks love her.

But some Twitter users were not on board with her winning out over the other artists in the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist category. Most expressed their support for Lizzo and her music but thought a different singer should have claimed the honor.

One commenter wrote, “I love Lizzo i really do but Best RnB???” Another person garnered 8,000 likes for this comment: “Kehlani & Summer Walker both had albums i couldn’t stop listening to and Lizzo won?”

There was shared sentiment on Twitter that read likethis tweet: “Woke up this morning and I still can’t believe Lizzo won forbest female  R&B at the #BETAwards Noshade at all, but it should’ve went to someone else.”

Many agreed they liked Lizzo but felt her music was more poporiented than R&B, with some pointing out her last new release was in early2019. Others were more passionate about their stance and stated the lineup hadbetter choices for the win, including artists who dropped fresh music.

Lizzo is relishing the moment

If you know Lizzo’s story, then you know it took her about 10 years to achieve the level of success she’s enjoying now. When moments happen for her to receive accolades and awards, she’s grateful and reflects on how far she’s come. This was one of those.

It’s been floated that she is writing and creating new music and has been for months, but fans aren’t sure if Lizzo has plans to drop anything before the end of the year.

If she does, it’s possible that she’ll be up for another set of music awards when the next season rolls around. These days, you can catch Lizzo sharing her music for social causes.

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'Love & Marriage: Huntsville's' Melody Holt's Cryptic Social Media Posts Have Fans Questioning Her Saftey and Marital Status

The trailer for the upcoming season of OWN’s Love & Marriage: Huntsville has been released and the one question on fans’ minds is whether or not Melody and Martell Holt’s marriage will survive. While fans wait for the premiere, they are left guessing and taking hints from the Holt’s social media pages. Many think they’ve split and Melody’s latest posts have fans more convinced that she’s given Martell the boot and that he’s not taking it well.

Melody Holt posts messages about protecting yourself after moving on from relationships

Melody posted a series of cryptic messages to her Instagram story on June 27, leaving fans wondering if they are related to any potential marital trouble between her and Martell. Recently, the property developer seemingly confirmed that she and Martell have split and her new messages are a possible hint that Martell may not be taking their breakup well.

“Don’t take threats lightly. When you realize that the sanity of a person is off, do WHATEVER it takes to protect yourself! Period,” she wrote with praying hand emojis.

In a follow-up post, she wrote about abuse from people who are bitter about being cut off.

“Emotion abuse & verbal abuse…you don’t deserve it! Cut off any and everybody who is trying to ruin your purpose and your mental state. They ultimately want to destroy you,” she wrote.

In another cryptic message, Melody spoke of the difficulties of moving on from bad situations.

“Sometimes you think moving on should be easy and simple, but sadly you may realize that the person who hasn’t given two shits about you before, will try to take their last shot to BREAK YOU before it’s all said and done #protectyourself,” she wrote.

Fans think Melody and Martell Holt have split again

Melody and Martell are currently not following one another on Instagram and both have removed all photos of one another from their accounts. The only images that the two appear in together are promotional material for the upcoming season of the show.

Even more telling, Melody has been spotted without her wedding ring. She’s hinted to trouble in paradise in recent weeks. She posted a TikTok video of her imitating a Barbie doll who discovers Ken has cheated with a Bratz doll. Fans comments poured in with them congratulating her, assuming she left Martell.

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“Martell better get his s**t together, Mel out here and she with the s**ts lol,” one commented under the video.

“He’s not a Ken…a dollar store peasant doll named, Rico,” another commented about Martell.

She previously addressed a fan who questioned whether or not she and Martell have gone their separate ways after noticing their activity on social media.

“The answer to this is no secret. You guys unfortunately haven’t gotten the truth on what really happened,” she said in an Instagram story. “But no worries, you’ll know soon. And no, it doesn’t deal with just ONE person.”

Melody also posted a video of her performing to Megan Thee Stallion’s savage challenge, sans her wedding rings, leaving more fans wondering.

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The couple have struggled to get things on the right track since Melody became aware of Martell’s five-year affair. They’ve split several times, but have always reconciled, even welcoming a new baby in December 2019. Martell’s longtime mistress, Arionne Curry, alleged that she and Martell are currently seeing each other. 

Others aren’t believing the hype that the two split. Prior to announcing the birth of their daughter, the couple were trading jabs at each other on social media and asked fans to tune into a live YouTube video where they would address what was going on. When fans tuned in, Melody and Martell introduced their newborn daughter, leaving fans pissed and believing that the social media beef was all for publicity. The Jasmine Brand reported on the debacle in the aftermath of the alleged stunt.

The new season of Love & Marriage: Huntsville premieres on OWN July 11. Melody promises all questions will be answered during the upcoming season. 

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