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What time is Michael McIntyre's Big Laughs on BBC One tonight?

MICHAEL McIntyre's fourth and final "greatest hits" special airs tonight, where he revisits his favourite comedic moments from the Big Show.

The Big Laughs four-part special will see McIntyre look back on some of the best moments from the last five years.

What time is Michael McIntyre's Big Laughs on BBC One tonight?

The show continues TONIGHT, Saturday, July 4 at 8.15pm on BBC One.

This is the fourth and final episode, each one was an hour-long.

In case you missed the previous episodes, they are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

What can we expect from Michael McIntyre's Big Laughs?

The series revisits some of the most memorable surprises and pranks on celebrities and the audience.

Viewers can expect unforgettable Send to Alls from presenter Holly Willoughby and chef Jamie Oliver and join Judge Rinder as he gets the fright of his life when he’s woken in the middle of the night to play the Midnight Gameshow.

Other highlights include the moment Gary Barlow surprises the audience by singing along to their karaoke versions of some classic Take That songs.

McIntyre said: "I hope people enjoy watching the best bits from the last five series of the Big Show. Although there are many hilarious Send to Alls and surprises, my favourite part was seeing my hair when it was cut professionally, before my wife took over!"

Send to All is one of the most popular segments of the show, in which McIntyre takes a celebrity's phone and sends an awkward text to all their contacts.

At the end of the show he checks their messages to see who has replied and what they said.

Other favourite segments include Celebrity Comedian, in which McIntyre invites a fellow comic up to do some stand-up, and musical performances.

Meanwhile, the star has bought a second London home — for £10million.

The spacious new pad has eight bedrooms plus a basement swimming pool, spa, gym and cinema.


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Michael Barrymore's online Strike It Lucky revival 'falls flat'

Michael Barrymore’s attempts to revive his long-running 90s game show Strike It Lucky online ‘fall flat as viewers plummet from 5k to just 150’

Michael Barrymore’s attempt to revive his 90s game show Strike It Lucky online has allegedly flopped.

The TV personality, 67, hosted the show for 13 and 209 episodes on ITV between 1986 and 1999. 

And in attempt to attract former fans of the series, he has been playing it on Instagram Live in recent weeks, using the board game version at his home.

Striking out? Michael Barrymore’s attempt to revive his 90s game show Strike It Lucky [later rebranded Strike It Rich] online has allegedly flopped

However, despite initially piquing the interest of 5000 social media followers when he started the broadcasts in April, Barrymore last pulled in just 152, reports The Sun.  

One social media fan wrote: ‘Barrymore was invited on This Morning to play a game of Strike It Lucky on Wednesday.

‘His viewing figures went up to over 300. He’s managed to halve that by Friday.’  

MailOnline has approached reps for Barrymore for comment. 

In its heyday, Strike It Lucky was the fifth most-watched show on UK television.

It was rebranded Michael Barrymore’s Strike It Rich in 1996, but only lasted another three years – on the air for 13 years in total.

Bombed: The TV personality, 67, has been playing it on Instagram Live in recent weeks, using the board game version at his home

Success: He hosted the show for 13 and 209 episodes on ITV between 1986 and 1999

It was cancelled in 1999 and resurrected last year as part of Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow, but with no involvement from Barrymore.

Following the show’s cancellation in 1999, Barrymore courted much controversy just two years later when 31-year-old Stuart ­Lubbock was found dead in the comedian’s swimming pool at a party.

Prior to this he was a British TV mainstay, hosting a plethora of shows – such as My Kind Of People, Kids Do The Funniest Things, sitcom Bob Martin and his long-running entertainment series Barrymore.

But following the incident at his party, his credits were somewhat whittled down, appearing mostly as interview subjects or as himself on the likes of Celebrity Big Brother – on which he was runner-up – and Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

Fizzling out: Despite initially peaking the interest of 5000 social media followers when he started the broadcasts in April, Barrymore last pulled in just 152, according to eagle-eyed fans

In its heyday: Strike It Lucky was the fifth most-watched show on UK television

Reboot: It was cancelled in 1999 – resurrected last year as part of Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow, but with no involvement from Barrymore

Last year he was the subject of a Piers Morgan: Life Stories episode and this year he was part of the Dancing On Ice line-up, forced to pull out due to injury.

Barrymore has used Instagram to connect with his fans in recent times, namely earlier this year when in February he broke his silence for the first time since police urged him to come clean about the mystery surrounding Lubbock’s death ahead of  a new documentary on the matter.

The TV star reached out to supportive fans on social media as Essex Police revealed he was still under suspicion for the death along with seven other party guests.

At a press conference in early February, Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Jennings said he believed at least two of the guests were responsible, given Mr Lubbock’s injuries.

Scandal in the pool: Following the show’s cancellation in 1999, Barrymore courted much controversy just two years later when 31-year-old Stuart ­Lubbock was found dead in the comedian’s swimming pool at a party

Lack of work: Following the incident at his party, his credits were somewhat whittled down, appearing mostly as interview subjects or as himself on the likes of Celebrity Big Brother – on which he was runner-up

To coincide with the Channel 4 documentary that aired a few nights later, police revealed they were offering a £20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Barrymore then liked several Instagram posts, including one describing Channel 4 as ‘parasites’ and another describing the new documentary as ‘ridiculous’.

He replied to one comment, saying ‘Thank you very much x’ to a female fan after she said ‘You’re a legend’.

He liked a comment from Danny Bear, brother of Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear, who said: ‘Parasites from Channel 4 still dragging up an incident many many years ago that Michael was NOT GUILTY of.

Last year: He was the subject of a Piers Morgan: Life Stories episode in 2019

Bowing out: This year he was part of the Dancing On Ice line-up, forced to pull out due to injury

‘I’m disgusted that a man who entertained many generations including myself and all the Bears continues to make two steps forward and one step back.

‘I want him back on our screens and convinced there are millions who also feel the same.’

Barrymore also liked a comment from Lorraine Emery which said:’Seems ridiculous and distressing to see that this has been brought up all over again. Stay strong Michael, we are all behind you.’

Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Jennings said that given the severity of Lubbock’s injuries it was ‘likely’ more than one person had been complicit.

Haunted: Barrymore has used Instagram to connect with his fans in recent times, namely earlier this year when in February he broke his silence for the first time since police urged him to come clean ahead of a new documentary on the matter [pictured 2017]

Lashing out: Barrymore liked several Instagram posts, including one describing Channel 4 as ‘parasites’

All eight people at the party held at the former TV star’s home remain under suspicion – including Barrymore himself, DCI Jennings added.

The new appeal will focus on the possibility that the murder was ‘covered up’, after a hot tub thermometer and a broken shed handle both went missing from the scene.

Mr Lubbock, who was found floating in the pool, had severe injuries consistent with rape, which officers believe could have been inflicted with either missing object.

The cause of death was never established and an open verdict was recorded after conflicting reports from pathologists. Cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol were found in his system.

Barrymore was arrested on suspicion of rape and serious sexual assault in 2007, along with two other people. No charges were brought due to lack of evidence.

The TV host has always denied any involvement in the death and launched a high court case for £2.4million damages for wrongful arrest. He received a nominal sum after Essex Police won an appeal. 

The timeline of events following Stuart Lubbock’s death

MARCH 31, 2001: Stuart Lubbock is found floating in a pool at Barrymore’s then home in Roydon, Essex.

APRIL 2001: A post-mortem examination concludes the cause of death was drowning. Pathologists tell a hearing in Epping that traces of cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol were found in Mr Lubbock’s system.

JUNE 2001: Barrymore is quizzed a number of times during the course of the criminal investigation and spends a night in police custody in June after being arrested on drugs allegations arising from the inquiry.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2002: The coroner recorded an open verdict on the death Mr Lubbock.

NOVEMBER 2002: Barrymore’s lawyers successfully demanded that Essex Police re-investigate matters surrounding Mr Lubbock’s death.

JANUARY 2006: Barrymore makes a high-profile return to the UK in January 2006 to take part in Celebrity Big Brother.

DECEMBER 2006: Police announce they will reopen the investigation after Barrymore claims there were other witnesses to the events of the night.

JUNE 14, 2007: Barrymore, his ex-partner Jonathan Kenney and Justin Merritt are arrested on suspicion of serious sexual assault and murder.

JULY 31, 2007: It is announced that Barrymore had been re-bailed to appear at an Essex Police station on September 10.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2007: Barrymore answers bail and police are granted a further 12 hours to question him. Barrymore and the two other men are later released without charge.

JULY 2015: It is revealed Barrymore is suing Essex police because his arrest in 2007 ‘damaged his career’.

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DCEU: Michael Keaton's Batman Will Pretend 'Batman Forever' and 'Batman & Robin' Never Happened

When a new director takes over a movie series, the results can sometimes be jarring for fans. Such was certainly the case with Warner Bros.’ original run of Batman movies. Now the DC Extended Universe aims to revive Michael Keaton’s Batman. Unfortunately for some fans, half of the 1990s series is about to be swept out of the canon.

Michael Keaton will return as Batman in ‘The Flash’ movie

The internet exploded recently when news broke that Michael Keaton is in talks to play Bruce Wayne in The Flash. Fans have long expected the DCEU movie — which has been perpetually delayed — to cover the Flashpoint storyline from the comics. But most assumed Jeffrey Dean Morgan would reprise his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice role as Thomas Wayne.

In the comics, Barry Allen creates an alternate timeline wherein Bruce Wayne was instead shot and killed. In their grief, Thomas and Martha Wayne developed into that world’s Batman and the Joker. From his comic book roles in Watchmen and The Walking Dead, Morgan felt perfect for a more violent Batman. Yet, Warner Bros. has something else in mind.

Because the DCEU has been so divisive, the studio is instead taking this opportunity to reboot the series’ more troublesome aspects. One key issue is the absence of a DCEU Batman, following Ben Affleck’s departure. So fan service or not, bringing Keaton’s Batman back allows the DCEU to have an older Batman who could mentor a generation of younger heroes.

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His casting means the DCEU must decide which movies are canon

Audiences still love Tim Burton’s version of the Batman mythos. The director delivered two gothic, twisted tales in 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns. But after facing criticism for how dark the latter was, Burton — and subsequently Keaton — opted to leave the franchise. That left Bat-fans with Joel Schumacher’s wholly different take.

1995’s Batman Forever and 1997’s Batman & Robin feel like they take place in an entirely different, much wackier Gotham City. But Warner Bros. connected them to the Burton films mostly with the continued casting of Michael Gough as Alfred Pennyworth and Pat Hingle as Jim Gordon. Still, Keaton never appeared in a Schumacher Batman movie.

So it’s not entirely a shock that the DCEU will ignore the Schumacher films when Keaton’s Batman returns. According to The Wrap, The Flash and subsequent movies will retcon what took place after Burton’s movies. This gives the studio a much cleaner slate to work with and eliminates two movies many fans prefer to ignore anyway. Plus, it sets up the future nicely.

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Will a ‘Batman Beyond’ movie be next for Keaton’s Batman?

For years, fans dreamed of a film adaptation of Batman Beyond. The animated series follows an elderly Bruce Wayne as he trains a new Batman to fight crime in a futuristic setting. A movie version was in development in the early 2000s before Christopher Nolan took over with Batman Begins. And Keaton’s Batman is the perfect choice to lead the project.

According to rumors, this could be exactly where the DCEU is heading. If so, it’s the first time in a long while that the series knows what to do with Batman. Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder originally had a five-movie vision for the character. But since that isn’t happening, the DCEU’s decision to pivot to Burton’s version feels like a solid way to move forward.

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How Michael Imperioli Handled 'Sopranos' Scenes When Christopher Was on Drugs

For actors hoping to showcase their range, The Sopranos offered a great opportunity. Just look at the main characters’ psychological profiles. At the top of the cast, James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) got to portray a character prone to depression, violent mood swings, and panic attacks.

That was plenty for Gandolfini to sink his teeth into, and by most estimations he rose to the occasion. He wasn’t alone. Tony’s mother Livia (Nancy Marchand) wrote the book on personality disorders before descending into (possibly faked) dementia.

But Sopranos creator David Chase could give actors an opportunity in any circumstance. Edie Falco fondly recalled the scenes Chase wrote for her with little-to-no dialogue. For an actor used to standard series TV, Falco considered such scenes a true gift.

Michael Imperioli, who played Christopher Moltisanti, also got plenty from Chase to work with. That included countless scenes in which Christopher was supposed to be high on hard drugs. On the Talking Sopranos podcast, Imperioli explained how he approached those tricky scenes.

Michael Imperioli said he ‘never drank or got high’ to play Christopher on hard drugs

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On the June 29 edition of Talking Sopranos, Imperioli fielded a question from a fan at the end of the show. And the listener wanted to know if he ever drank or smoked anything prior to playing Christopher in a junkie spell “for added realism.”

Imperioli said he never tried that approach while playing Christopher. “No, I never, ever drank or got high before scenes like this to create the effect of heroin,” he said. And as he continued answering the question you got an idea of how the Emmy winner tackled his work.

“It was a lot of fun to play,” Imperioli said. “I did a lot of research about the effects [of heroin] and I’ve seen the effects in the real world — both among people I know and other areas of life.” And Imperioli thought losing control of your faculties would work against an actor in these situations.

Imperioli said actors need to be in total control for such scenes

As he pondered the thought of playing a character on drugs without being sober, Imperioli saw a number of drawbacks. “You need even more control over yourself to act because it’s a very specific physicality and mental state,” he said. “So you have to be almost more sober to really portray it properly.”

Of course, that didn’t account for the realities of shooting a production like The Sopranos. Prior to running the scene, a problem with lighting or some other issue could cause delays, which would be terrible for an intoxicated actor on set. Then there was the chance a drunk actor could continue forgetting lines.

“The idea you really get drunk before the scene … you might shoot this scene four or five hours, who the hell knows,” Imperioli said. “You have to have your wits about you to shoot stuff. So I’d never use some kind of mind-altering thing to play an altered mind.”

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Michael Owen backing ‘improving’ Man Utd to challenge Liverpool for the title next season

MICHAEL OWEN has backed "improving" Manchester United to challenge Liverpool for the Premier League title next season.

The former England forward is already looking ahead to the 2020-21 season after the Reds finally got their hands on their first-ever Premier League crown.

Owen led Liverpool close to breaking their duck with 29 goals in 2001-02 – but did eventually win his own title at Old Trafford in 2010-11.

And he's backed Man Utd – along with Chelsea – to put more pressure on dominant duo Liverpool and Man City next season after showing improvements post-lockdown.

Owen told Premier League Productions: "I think [Liverpool] are a very, very strong team that’s probably going to be strong for some time. 

"[But] that’s not to say they can’t be caught.

"Manchester City are a phenomenal team and if they turn it on we’re going to have a great title race.

"Manchester United are the first team outside those two that spring to mind because they’re improving at a rapid rate."

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Michael Gove urges post-Brexit revamp of Whitehall

Michael Gove urges radical post-Brexit revamp of Whitehall to make it ‘less southern, less middle class’

  • Cabinet Office Minister spoke of how ‘distant’ government is from many people
  • He said in a speech that it should be closer to the 52% who voted Leave in 2016
  • Mr Gove referred to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s appeal to help the ‘forgotten man’ 

Michael Gove last night raised the banner for a radical post-Brexit revamp to bring government closer to people outside London who voted Leave in 2016.

The Cabinet Office Minister signalled the need to make Whitehall ‘less southern, less middle class’.

Mr Gove spoke of how ‘distant’ government was from many people and indicated that civil servants should move out of the capital into the regions.

In a speech to the Ditchley Foundation, he asked: ‘How can we be less anywhere and more somewhere – closer to the 52 per cent who voted to Leave, and more understanding of why?

‘Almost every arm of Government, and those with powerful voices within it, seemed estranged from the majority in 2016.’

Cabinet minister Michael Gove (pictured) signalled the need to make Whitehall ‘less southern, less middle class’ after Brexit 

Referring to the great 1930s US President Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR), he warned that the views of that majority were ‘rarely heard within Government’.

‘FDR asked his Government to remember the Forgotten Man. In the 2016 referendum those who had been too often forgotten asked to be remembered,’ he said.

Mr Gove, one of the architects of the Leave victory, said: ‘I am conscious… just how distant, in so many senses, Government is from the people.

It is not just that all major Government departments are based in London, with the impact that concentration of senior jobs has on our economy. It is also the case that Westminster and Whitehall can become a looking-glass world.’

He warned that Government departments ‘recruit in their own image, are influenced by the think-tanks and lobbyists who breathe the same London air and are socially rooted in assumptions which are inescapably metropolitan’.

Mr Gove went on to ask: ‘Why shouldn’t some of the policymakers intimately involved in reshaping our approach to energy and the decarbonisation of our economy be in Teesside, Humberside and Aberdeen?

‘Shouldn’t those thinking about this sector be part of the communities whose jobs depend on getting these decisions right? And why are so many of those charged with developing our tax and welfare policies still based in London?

‘Wouldn’t it be better for those deciding how taxpayers’ money is spent to be living and working alongside those citizens across the country, from Mansfield to Middlesbrough to Merthyr Tydfil, for whom every pound in tax is a significant inroad into their income?’

Mr Gove also set out his ‘driving mission in politics’ as making ‘opportunity more equal’. 

Referring to the great 1930s US President Franklin D Roosevelt (pictured), Mr Gove warned that the views of the ‘Forgotten Man’ were ‘rarely heard within Government’

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90 Day Fiancé': Michael Ilesanmi Claps Back at Fan Who Says He's Using Angela Deem for a Green Card

The couples on 90 Day Fiancé get a bad reputation. Often, people think that the foreign person in the couple is in it for a green card or the money. Sometimes that does turn out to be the case, but other times, the couples go on to live happy lives together. Michael Ilesanmi has been accused of using Angela Deem to get to the U.S. ever since the couple first appeared on the show. Despite the fact that the pair have been together for years, people still have trouble telling if Ilesanmi’s feelings for Deem are legitimate or not. Now, Ilesanmi is clapping back.

Michael and Angela’s relationship

Ilesanmi and Deem met in the same way that most couples on the show do, online. Deem then went to Nigeria to meet Ilesanmi. The trip didn’t exactly go smoothly. The two argued the entire time. The pair came back for season 3 of the show and still had more than a few blow-ups. Deem found it impossible to trust Ilesanmi as he had been caught lying multiple times and there had been rumors of him cheating on her.

Ilesanmi has admitted to cheating on Deem in the beginning of their relationship. According to In Touch, Ilesanmi said that a woman needed a ride home but had no money. He offered to take her home in exchange for oral sex.

Is Michael using Angela for a green card?

When Ilesanmi posted a video of him and Deem dancing in the car to Instagram, a follower commented, accusing Ilesanmi of using Deem.

“Oh my god. Michael all this s*it for a green card,” the person wrote. “Oh lord, this is torture.”

Ilesanmi responded to the rude comment with one of his own.

“Dude what’s your problem?” he wrote. “This is Michael. Is there something you looking for or someone hurt you? Why the hate? Please unfollow us ok if you don’t like what you see smh. One more silly comment from you I’ll block ur a*s idc.”

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Other fans jumped to Ilesanmi’s defense as well.

“You sound like a hater,” one fan wrote. “Mind your business and keep your opinions to yourself. Angela and Michael look great together. Go Angela.”

“Jeez dude chill and stop worrying about other people’s business, mind yours,” another person said.

“Seriously I feel bad for you if you can’t tell,” one fan commented. “So much hate in this world. Keep adding to it.”

“You just be lacking something if you know what I mean so you’re trying to compensate by being a rude person,” another user replied. “I guess some of you people have nothing better to do but to be rude to others.”

And Ilesanmi wasn’t done responding either.

“Bro, keep your opinion to yourself bruh,” he said. “Idc you don’t know Angela and I but from tv so keep it to yourself thanks.”

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Does Angela think Micheal loves her?

Deem and Ilesanmi are still in a relationship but are currently in different countries. They are still committed to making their relationship work.

“Getting rid of him is not easy,” Deem recently told Entertainment Tonight. “Because that’s real love, you know? Let’s face it, being on the show four times, he could’ve moved on a while back. I’ve learned that he really truly does love me.” 

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Michael Keaton Is Not The Only 'Batman' Star the DCEU Reportedly Wants to Bring Back

DC Comics shocked fans with the news that Michael Keaton is returning to play Batman in the DCEU. The actor is reportedly in talks to reprise the iconic role in the upcoming film, The Flash. DC has not confirmed that Keaton is returning, but inside sources claim that he isn’t the only Batman star the studio wants to bring back to the DC Extended Universe. Who else might be joining Keaton in Ezra Miller’s upcoming movie?

Michael Keaton close to reaching a deal with DC

It has been close to 30 years since Keaton played the capedcrusader in Tim Burton’s Batman, yet the actor is reportedly consideringreprising the role in the DCEU. According to TheWrap, Keaton is in negotiations to play an older Bruce Wayne in TheFlash, starring opposite Miller.

Keaton is reportedly in the early stages of talks, so there is achance that the deal falls through. Unfortunately, DC has not revealed too manydetails about the project, but we do know that the main plot will revolvearound the concept of the multiverse.

DC has already explored the multiverse in The CW’s Arrowverse.During the latest crossover event, fans learned that the superheroes in Supergirland Black Lightning exist in different universes from the characters in Arrow,Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash.

In the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, DC confirmed that films like Justice League and Wonder Woman are also a part of this shared multiverse. In fact, Miller’s version of the classic speedster enjoyed a brief appearance alongside Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen.

Fans also caught a glimpse of Burton’s Gotham City, which was amajor teaser that Keaton is coming back as Batman.

This ‘Batman’ star might also return alongside Keaton

Following the news about Keaton, it was only a matter of timebefore we heard about other Batman stars who might appear in TheFlash as well. After all, if DC is bringing back Keaton, why not reach outto some of his former co-stars as well?

With that in mind, an inside source told WeGot This Covered that MichellePfeiffer is also in talks about playing Catwoman in The Flash.Details about Pfeiffer’sinvolvement have been slim, but there is no doubt that fans would love to seeher back in action.

Pfeiffer played Catwoman in Batman Returns, Keaton’s second outing as Batman. The movie was met with mixed reviews, but fans genuinely loved Pfeiffer’s portrayal of the character and her commitment to the part.

Catwoman seemingly died at the end of the movie, though the finalscene proved that she had survived. Following the film’s release, there wassome talk about Pfeifferhaving her own spin-off, but that project never got off the ground.

Pfeiffer andKeaton have not commented about the rumors surrounding their return to theDCEU.

What about Michael Keaton’s role in the MCU?

While the news about Keaton (and Pfeiffer) is certainly exciting, some fans are wondering what will become of his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Keaton played the part of Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. Vulture, in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Vulture was placed in prison at the end of Homecoming butthere has been a lot of talk about the character returning in Spider-Man 3.Some fans believe that Vulture will play an important role in setting up thenext villain in the film, though Marvel has yet to confirm Keaton’sinvolvement.

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If Keaton agrees to return as Batman, the filming schedules for The Flash and Spider-Man 3 could clash. If that happens, it is possible that Keaton appears in one project but not the other.

At this point, it is too early to tell what is going to happenwith Keaton and the DCEU, but there is still plenty of time for the studio tofigure things out.

The Flash is currently scheduled to premiere in theatersin 2022.

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Home video of Michael Jackson featured in Paris' new documentary

Never-before-seen home video of Michael Jackson is featured in daughter Paris’ new Facebook Watch documentary, which premieres 11 years after he died

  • Paris Jackson’s new Facebook Watch documentary, Unfiltered, airs June 30 
  • The trailer for the documentary features new home video of Michael Jackson 
  • He can be seen asking a young Paris what she wants to do when she grows up
  • She tells her father that she wants to do what he does – sing and dance
  • The documentary follows Paris and boyfriend Gabriel Glenn as they launch their folk band, The Soundflowers 

Paris Jackson’s new documentary includes previously unseen footage of her sharing a sweet moment with her famous father, Michael Jackson, back when she was just a child.   

The footage is included in Paris’ upcoming Facebook Watch documentary, Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn, following the King of Pop’s daughter as she and her boyfriend, Glenn, launch their folk band, The Soundflowers. 

At least some of the never-before-seen, home video of Paris with her father was revealed in the documentary’s recently debuted first trailer. 

Paris Jackson’s upcoming Facebook Watch documentary features never-before-seen home video of herself and her famous father, Michael Jackson (pictured)

Michael Jackson appears to sing while watching over Paris and another child as they play

The documentary, which follows Paris as she launches her music career, features a young Paris (pictured) telling Michael she wants to do what he does: ‘Dance and sing’

In the trailer, an off-camera Michael can be heard asking his wide-eyed daughter, ‘What does Paris want to be?’ 

‘I do what you do,’ Paris sweetly responds. 

‘What do I do?’ Michael then asks. 

‘You dance and sing,’ she says. 

The trailer also features footage of Paris and another child in matching pajamas, playing with Jackson. 

In that clip, Paris can be seen running over to hug a smiling Michael, who is wearing his signature fedora, a red shirt, black pants, white socks and black loafers. 

Paris Jackson, 22 (pictured in 2019), was just 11-years old when Michael died in 2009 

Paris’ documentary will premiere just five days after the 11th anniversary of Michael’s June 25, 2009 death. Michael is pictured here in March 2009

Paris stars in the documentary with boyfriend and bandmate, Gabriel Glenn (pictured in 2019)

The documentary follows Paris and Glenn as they launch their folk band, The Soundflowers

Paris says in the documentary trailer she feels pressure about following in Michael’s footsteps

Paris (left) says that Glenn helped her realize that playing music was what she was born to do

Michael can also be seen sitting on the floor with Paris and the other child during the same clip. It appears as if he is singing while the children are playing.

It’s unclear how old Paris was or where the Jacksons were when the home video was shot. 

The Unfiltered documentary trailer was released just days before the 11th anniversary of Michael’s propofol and benzodiazepine overdose death on June 25, 2009, when Paris was just 11 years old. 

In the trailer, the now 22-year-old Paris takes time to reflect on being famous at such a young age and her desire for privacy back then. 

‘You see a kid grow up in the public eye, but you forget I am human,’ she says in a voice over, as images of her fleeing from the paparazzi are shown. ‘I was against letting the world in because it wasn’t a choice, I wasn’t ready then. I feel like I’m ready now.’

She says of her boyfriend, bandmate and documentary co-star, ‘Gabe understands the pain that I’ve gone through in my life. He’s helped me realize that this is what I was born to do.’ 

She also notes the insecurity she feels about embarking on a music career: ‘The whole pressure to follow in my dad’s footsteps, compared to him and scrutinized.’ 

To which Glenn says, ‘It’s still something that we have to work on.’

‘I want to influence self-acceptance and courage,’ Paris says. ‘I will love with my music connects with someone and helps in some way.’ 

The trailer includes a preview of what kind of music Paris is talking about, as it includes footage of the pair singing and strumming their guitars in front of small, appreciative audiences.

‘A Jackson doing folk indie? Not what they expect,’ Paris admits.  

Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn premieres on June 30, with new episodes dropping Tuesdays on Facebook Watch.    

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Oscar Winner Matthew A. Cherry To Direct New Line Comedy Heist Film ‘The Come Up’

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar winning filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry will be directing the New Line original comedy The Come Up as his next feature project, we can tell you first.

New Line’s deal expands Cherry’s footprint at Warner Bros. in his second deal with the Burbank, CA lot in a matter of days. Last week, Warner Bros. Television announced Cherry had signed a multi-year first-look deal where he will create, develop and produce new material for a variety of platforms.

Emmy nominated scribe of the Netflix miniseries When They See, Michael Starrbury, wrote the screenplay which is described as Friday meets Oceans 11 from an original story idea by Coming 2 America actor and CBS Superior Donuts scribe Jermaine Fowler, who will also star and executive produce. Already attached to star is Get Out‘s Lil Rel Howery and Keith Lucas and Kenneth Lucas from 22 Jump Street. Rampage and Horrible Bosses franchise producer John Rickard is producing.

Cherry won the Academy Award winner for his animated short Hair Love back in February, which he wrote, produced and co-directed. He personally raised over $280K on Kickstarter for Hair Love which was the most any short film, animated or not, had ever achieved on the funding platform at the time. Hair Love was adapted into a picture book for Penguin Random House in May 2019 and immediately became a New York Times Bestseller and earned nominations for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work for Children and the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Picture Book.

“I am super honored to be working with Jermaine Fowler, Michael Starrbury, John Rickard and New Line on The Come Up,” said Cherry, “Jermaine and Michael are two of the most exciting young creatives working today and I can’t wait to start working with them.

Starrbury adds, “I’ve known Matthew for years and have proudly watched him develop into one of the most promising filmmakers working today. Just as importantly he’s a great guy who fits in with the amazing chemistry we’ve developed with the team and New Line. I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey with all of them.”

Says Fowler, “I feel soooo damn lucky to have Matthew Cherry onboard to helm this film. He’s a brilliant filmmaker whose vibes are genuinely reminiscent of the people that inspired the original concept of the project. I know he will let everyone involved shine and execute a hilarious comedy with a profound message. Plus, he promised that I could hold his Oscar one day.”

An all-conference football player at the University of Akron, Cherry played for three years in the NFL for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens before retiring in 2007. He wrote and directed the award-winning feature The Last Fall and 9 Rides which was shot entirely on an iPhone 6s. Cherry’s TV directing credits include Mixed-ish, Black-ish, The Last O.G. and The Unicorn. An accomplished music video director, Cherry has directed artists including Michelle Williams, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Snoop Dogg, and Common. Cherry is repped by ICM Partners, Blue Key Management and The Law Offices of R. Vaughn Gill.



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