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Perv who was ‘most prolific collector of child porn in the world’ is paroled just SEVEN years into 1,000-year sentence – The Sun

A FORMER county commissioner who was allegedly known as a prolific child porn collector has been paroled less than 10 years into a 1,000-year prison bid.

Peter Mallory was released on parole on May 27, three weeks after an appeals court in Georgia found the sentence for his 2012 conviction was appropriate by the State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

The 72-year-old, who once owned local television station WCAG, was convicted of 60 counts of sexual exploitation of children, three counts of invasion of privacy, and one count of tampering with evidence in December 2012, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

At his sentencing, Coweta Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Dennis Blackmon called Mallory "probably the most prolific collector of child pornography in the world," the news outlet reported.

A February 2011 investigation alerted police to more than 600 suspected child porn files linked to a computer in LaGrange, prosecutors said.

The discovery led the cops to Mallory's TV station, where they seized more than 26,000 child porn files.

"The evidence demonstrated that Mallory knowingly and intentionally sought out, gathered, downloaded, and saved these images and videos of children being raped, tortured, and sexually exploited," District Attorney Herb Cranford said in a news release obtained by AJC.

Mallory installed a camera inside his former office and used it to secretly record young women, according to the DA.

"The evidence shows that Mallory is sexually deviant and commits these crimes by compulsion as much as by choice," Cranford said in his statement.

"In the current digital age, no amount of supervision can stop a compulsive sexual deviant like Mallory from seeking out the most heinous images and videos of small children being sexually abused."

Cranford said he opposed the state's decision to parole the accused perv "but was powerless to stop it," and that two victims involved in the case were also against parole.

At a minimum, they asked that Mallory be banned from Troup County and from contacting them if he was released, according to AJC.

In a response to Cranford sent in April, the parole board said "performance incentive credits" could lead to Mallory's early release.

Board spokesman Steve Hayes said Mallory served five months in prison past the date he was legally eligible for release and that the board followed its guidelines system to decide on his parole.

"The clemency recommendation was for a parole release at eligibility," Hayes said in an email to AJC, noting that Mallory's release wasn't COVID-19 related.

Mallory will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his sentence and his parole will be revoked if he breaks the law or conditions of his release.

He's also banished from Troup County, is on electronic monitoring and can't contact any of his victims.

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The American TikTok mum who butchered tea is now doing beans on toast all wrong

We Brits were horrified to see the American mum and daughter duo make a cup of tea (by make, we mean butcher) for their TikTok channel last month.

And now mum Michelle is back to aggravate Brits.

The American TikTokker has gone for another classic British staple: beans on toast.

Clearly not fond of tradition, Michelle – who actually lives in the UK (so should be aware of what’s sacred to us) – makes the much-loved dish without using a toaster.

Simply pouring a can of beans on the untoasted bread, Michelle then places a single slice of American cheese on top and leaves the monstrous creation in the microwave for a minute.

To make matters worse, Michelle introduces her tutorial saying she’s making a traditional English breakfast.

While most of us are partial to beans on toast for brekkie, we know that a traditional choice would include bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, tomatoes, hash browns, toast and mushrooms – and black pudding for the purists.

American cooking beans on toast in the UK #americanintheuk @nichole.caroline

♬ original sound – jchelle36

In the video, Michelle starts by saying: ‘The first step is you wanna get your bread and then you wanna add the beans. I’m just gonna pour mine on like that, juice and all’.

Instead of toasting the bread and heating the beans on the hob, Michelle heats them up at the same time in the microwave, with cheese on top, which we imagine would make a soggy mess.

TikTokkers were not impressed by Michelle’s efforts.


Another wrote: ‘She must be stopped. I would take away her microwave but I suspect that doing so would cause the entire household to starve’ while a third person said: ‘Yep she’s defo doing these on purpose now’.

For one person it was just too far. They wrote: ‘Unpopular opinion. do you not think some of the things you’re doing is being disrespectful to British culture and if it is a joke you should say so.’

Is this too far or just a bit of fun?

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Mum who donated breast milk gets inundated with nursing requests from men

A mum who donated 65 litres of breast milk to parents – almost enough to fill a bathtub – has revealed how she was inundated with requests from ‘creepy’ men wanting her to nurse them.

Michele Oller, 34, gave birth to her first-born Lynnlee last February and soon found herself with a freezer full of surplus milk.

Wanting to put it to good use, she took to the internet and found a website dedicated to selling breast milk.

Uploading a post advertising the 14 gallons she had available, she thought she would connect with fellow mums.

But the pharmacist from Oklahoma ended up with requests from men who wanted photos of her and asked if she could nurse them.

When two months passed and she had still not received a single genuine request from a concerned parent, Michele took her advert down.

Luckily, soon after, she stumbled upon the Facebook group Human Milk 4 Human Babies, through which she found five parents to donate to.

Michele explained: ‘One site I used was full of strange men. I highly doubt they wanted the milk for their babies.

‘A few of them asked me for photos, which was creepy enough in itself, and said a lot about their motives.

‘I also got a couple of requests from men asking if I would physically nurse them.’

Michele says that donating the breast milk has been a rewarding experience as she wanted to help other parents.

‘It’s such a rewarding thing to do, and what really struck me is how many more women are looking for donations than there are women making them,’ she said.

‘If someone has a surplus, there are plenty of babies out there in need.’

Shortly after giving birth to Lynnlee, Michele realised she was producing more breast milk than required.

To prevent the surplus going to waste, she began storing it in her freezer.

Initially, she had planned to nurse Lynnlee for six months, but when she reached that milestone, she decided to keep going.

She added: ‘I had planned on weaning after six months, like a lot of other mothers. But after doing some research about the role breast milk can play – particularly in helping babies fight off infection – I decided I wanted to carry on.

‘I was going back to work around the same time and would have been exposed to all kinds of germs and bugs. I wanted to do whatever I could to protect Lynnlee.

‘When I found out my breast milk contained natural antibodies, I knew I had to keep it up.’

But, even with her newfound determination to breastfeed Lynnlee indefinitely, Michele was producing so much milk that it was clear she was not going to get through it all.

Expressing, on average, seven surplus litres per month, by November last year, her freezer was full to the brim.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, freshly expressed milk must only be stored for 12 months, so Michele began to fret it would go to waste.

Excited at the prospect of being able to donate her milk, Michele immediately looked into it – only to discover that her nearest bank was 120 miles away in neighbouring Texas.

Searching online instead, she found a website dedicated to selling breast milk.

Feeling uncomfortable about making a profit, she listed hers at $1(81p) per ounce.

Soon, her inbox was filling up with requests from interested buyers – but they were not new mothers.

‘I was expecting people to need the milk for newborn babies,’ she recalled. ‘Instead it was weird men with even weirder requests.’

Thankfully, in April 2020, Michele found an alternative in the form of volunteer network Human Milk 4 Human Babies in Oklahoma.

She said: ‘Straight away I knew this was the right place to donate my milk.

‘The group is specifically tailored to finding milk for newborns and you have to be approved by admin before you can enter.

‘One lady told me she was picking the milk up for a single dad who had lost his wife and the mother of his baby, which made the whole thing feel all the more worthwhile.’

Hoping to encourage other new mums to donate surplus breast milk whenever possible, Michele believes it is one of the most rewarding things she has ever done.

Adding that she is still breastfeeding Lynnlee, she concluded: ‘Everyone deserves access to breast milk if their baby needs it.’

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Who is Vanessa Feltz’s fiancé Ben Ofoedu? – The Sun

BEN Ofoedu the other half of journalist and reality TV star Vanessa Feltz.

He is the lead singer of electronic dance duo Phats & Small, which are known for the 1990 smash hit Turn Around (Hey What's Wrong With You).

Who is Ben Ofoedu?

Ben Ofoedu is a Nigerian-British singer-songwriter and reality TV star.

He was born in Hong Kong on June 29, 1972 – making him 48-years-old.

When Ofeoedu was two-years-old, he moved to Essex with his parents and five siblings.

In 1993 he joined the band Benz and later became the lead singer of Phats & Small in 1999 – who are best known for their smash hit Turn Around (Hey What's Wrong With You).

In 2000 he released a solo single Your Love and in 2001 he joined the band REDhill with former Boyzone member Shayne Lynch.

With the band Four Story he took part in the UK Eurovision selection contest Making Your Mind Up with the song Hand On Your Heart.

They placed fifth and lost out to Javine who represented the country at Eurovision in Ukraine with the song Touch My Fire.

In 2018, Ben hosted 90's dance night Big Ben's Big Tunes. Ben hosted and performed with other acts such as Damage, Dane Bowers, 5ive and Heather Small.

Ben's band Boyz on the Block reformed at his 48th birthday party in June, 2020.

Boyz on the Block consists of 90s icons Dane Bowers from Another Level, Boyzone’s Shane Lynch, and Five’s Abz Love.

How did Ben Ofoedu meet Vanessa Feltz?

Ben met Vanessa through their mutual friend – Boyzone star Keith Duffy.

After spending time with Vanessa in the Big Brother house in 2001, Keith decided to introduce her to Ben.

The couple have been engaged since 2006 and were due to wed in 2007 and again in 2011 but have yet to get married.

On the topic of their 14-year engagement, Ben told OK! Magazine: "You know what, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

"In the 14 years Vanessa and I have been together, we’ve seen so many friends get married and after a while we thought, 'This is working the way it is.'

"If we do get married, who knows, but not at the moment."

Vanessa was previously married to surgeon Michael Kurer for 17 years, until their divorce in 2000 – they have two daughters together, Allegra and Saskia.

What TV shows has Ben Ofoedu appeared on with Vanessa Feltz?

Ben has appeared on a number of TV programmes with Vanessa including Celebrity Wife Swap in 2007 – they swapped places with Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee.

They also raised £150,000 for a cancer charity when they appeared on Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionare?

The couple have co-hosted the chat show The Vanessa Show on Channel 5.

In 2011 they reached the final of the quiz show Pointless Celebrities and took part in All Star Mr & Mrs in 2014.

Ofoedu and Feltz appeared together on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On the Side as panel members in 2014.

In 2015, Ofoedu appeared live on the BBC programme The Big Questions in a debate entitled, "Do you need to be born again to be a Christian?"

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Who is 'Chicago P.D.' Actor Jason Beghe?

Actor Jason Beghe’s portrayal of Chicago PD‘s Sgt. Hank Voight is of a one of a tough cop. Voight is head of the 21st District’s Intelligence Unit and works with a small group of detectives whom he hand-picked himself. Playing Sgt. Voight is far from Beghe’s first acting rodeo. The 60-year-old New York native began acting in 1985 following a stint in modeling. Let’s take a look at his career.

Jason Beghe’s from modeling to acting

Beghe attended the preparatory high school, the Collegiate School, where he became fast friends with fellow actor David Duchovny and the late John F. Kennedy, Jr. After graduation, Beghe decided to have a photoshoot and started working as a model which took him to Europe as the Armani man for a couple of years, according to IMDb.

Upon returning to the states, Beghe turned to acting, landing the credited role of a state trooper in the 1991 film Thelma and Louise directed by Ridley Scott, followed by the role of Demi Moore‘s love interest in GI Jane in 1997, also directed by Scott.

Over the years, he earned many television credits appearing in such shows as Numb3rsCSI New YorkCriminal MindsVeronica Mars, and JAG. When the One Chicago trilogy started with Chicago Fire, Beghe first appeared in his role as Voight. That episode did not shine his character in a positive light. Lt. Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) accused him of being crooked as Voight wants to cover up the fact his son, Justin, was driving drunk causing a car accident drunk leaving a child paralyzed.

The spinoff show of Chicago PD came 1½ years following Chicago Fire‘s first season, in the fall of 2012.  As Voight, Beghe has appeared in all 148 episodes of the show thus far.

Beghe as Sgt. Voight in Chicago PD

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The police work of Sgt. Voight and those detectives under his leadership often come under question. The Intelligence Team is responsible for investigating major offenses within their district including drug traffickers, organized crime, sex traffickers, and high-profile murders. Voight and some of his team have actually at times been jailed and fallen under internal investigation. Yet in actuality, Voight is affiliated with Internal Affairs and has been responsible for aiding in the taking down of some of Chicago’s biggest fictional criminals including some within the department and those in elected political positions.

Voight is a widower whose wife died of cancer. He had a difficult relationship with his son, Justin (Josh Segarra), before Justin’s murder in Season 3. History reveals that the Voights had taken in a wayward teen girl, Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), whose father had abused her and mother was a drug addict. Lindsay grew up to follow in Voight’s footsteps by becoming a cop herself, eventually landing a position in Voight’s unit. Voight is well respected by his team and fellow officers such as Sgt. Trudy Platt (Amy Norton), also in the 21st District, with whom he has worked closely with for years.

Beghe’s raspy voice only aides to Voight’s character. It is not something Beghe intended to develop for his career but rather came after being intubated following a car accident in 1999, according to Fabiosa. Having broken his neck, back, and ribs and injuring both lungs, he was in a coma for nearly a month. When awake, he tried to pull out the tube numerous times leaving him with the permanent gravelly voice.

More on Beghe’s personal life

Beghe married actress Angie Janu in 2000. Together they have two sons, Bix and Bo. They filed for divorce at the end of 2017 which was finalized last year. While Janu got the couple’s Malibu house, Beghe kept the Chicago condo where he lives while filming in the city for Chicago PD.

Beghe earns $250,000 per episode of the police drama. He also occasionally appears in Chicago Fire and Chicago Med, and the trilogy’s crossover events. His net worth is estimated at $9 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

All three of the Chicago series shows have been renewed for three more years. Watch for new episodes coming this fall on NBC.

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Who is Lesley Manville and who is she dating?

LESLEY Manville is a British actress, who tonight (July 1) will take on the next monologue in Alan Bennett's Talking Heads.

But what else do we know about the actress and her love life?

Who is Lesley Manville?

Lesley is 64 years old and from Brighton. She's the daughter of Jean Manville, a former ballet dancer.

She began acting and singing as a Soprano in her teens before landing a place at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts to train as an actor.

Lesley then went into the theatre world, working with the Royal Court Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company.

Due to her ability to improvise, she collaborated with director Mike Leigh (known for the play and TV film Abigail's Party). She's also been directed by Sam Mendes.

What TV shows and films has she starred in?

Lesley's incredible career is reflected in her credits across TV and film.

TONIGHT (July 1) she will star in BBC's Talking Heads, which is a series of monologues written by Alan Bennett.

For her episode, titled Bed Among the Lentils, she's spoke with the BBC about her character Susan.

"Susan is a wonderful woman who is full of potential and desperate to have a life of love and validation.

"She’s stuck in an awful marriage to Geoffrey, a vicar, and is isolated and lonely and the only humour she shares is with herself."

Elsewhere in TV, she's starred in: Coronation Street, Silent Witness, The Queen, and Save Me Too.

She landed her first credit in 1974 and is still working in numerous shows today.

Across film it's a similar story – she's starred in A Christmas Carol, Romeo and Juliet, Ordinary Love, and lots more.

Who is she dating?

Lesley has dated other actors in the public eye.

While completing her actor training she dated Peter Duncan, who presented Blue Peter in the 1980s.

She then married Gary Oldman and together they a son named Alfie.

Gary Oldman is known for his immersive acting style and has a host of awards to his name.

They split soon after Alfie's birth however, and she married a second time to Joe Dixon. The marriage ended after 4 years.

Joe Dixon also an actor, mostly know for his role in The Mummy Returns.

She is though to be single currently and hasn't shared details on her love life.

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Who is Australian model Tina Louise and is she dating Brian Austin Green? – The Sun

TINA LOUISE is a social media influencer and has been featured in Maxim magazine, FHM and Zoo Weekly.

She was spotted out on a date with Brian Austin Green after his separation from Megan Fox.

Here is more about the famous model and how she got her start.

Who is Tina Louise?

Tina Louise, 38, is an Australian model who was discovered by a photographer when she was 21.

She used to live in a rural farm in Australia, and when the photographer took her photos and published them, she became a sensation and got a feature in Maxim magazine.

In 2007, she took home the title of Australia's Hottest Bikini Model, which landed her in swimsuit calendars internationally.

Tina also owns a vegan Mexican restaurant called Sugar Taco in Los Angeles.

Is she dating Brian Austin Green?

Brian Austin Green was spotted with Tina after his divorce from Transformers star, Megan Fox.

The new pair enjoyed lunch at Tina’s restaurant in California.

When did Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox split?

Brian and Megan were on-off until they separated for good recently.

They were together for 15 years and married for 10.

The two met when the actor was guest-starring in an episode of Fox’s ABC sitcom Hope & Faith.

Megan was 18 at the time, and Brian was 30.

She has been spotted moving on with Machine Gun Kelly eating out around California and traveling with the rapper.

An insider told Us Weekly: “Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have hooked up and they became intimate when Megan and Brian were separated but hadn’t fully cut ties.”

Brian had previously talked about the romance between Megan and Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker.

He said on his podcast: “She met this guy, Colson, on set… I’ve never met him… Megan and I have talked about him.

“I trust her judgment, she’s always had really good judgment.

“I don’t want people to think her or he are villains or that I was a victim in any way.”

Brian wrote that he was “feeling smothered” just two days before he announced their breakup.

Megan allegedly left Brian to film the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows movie after falling ill with a stroke-like syndrome in late 2014.

Doctors then discovered a previously undiagnosed brain ailment, according to a source.

After, the pair filed for divorce and reunited once more until their latest split.

Who else has Brian Austin Green been linked to?

On Monday, Brian was spotted with model Courtney Stodden dining at a Mexican restaurant in California.

A source told The Sun: "Courtney said after Doug, she never wanted to be with another actor again in her life, so her friends were shocked when they first heard she and Brian were talking.

Apparently, Brian reached out to Courtney on social media via DM.

"They were actually talking for over a month and were both still social distancing until this week,” said the source.

A rep for Courtney said: “Brian and Courtney are just friends and are both focused on what's to come for both of them later this year.

Courtney supports Brian and his business ventures and isn't involved personally on anything romantically at this time."

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Mexican drug lord 'who ordered the execution of the 43 students' is arrested after their disappearance

A MEXICAN drug lord who allegedly ordered the execution of 43 students has been arrested after their disappearance.

Leader of the Guerreros Unidos Cartel Angel Casarrubias Salgado was detained last week in Mexico for his suspected role in the 2014 kidnapping of 43 male teaching students from the rural village Ayotzinapa.

The students were detained by corrupt police on their way to a protest, handed over to the Guerreros Unidos Cartel and never seen again.

Intelligence reports from the interrogation of other detainees suggest Angel gave the order to execute them, according to local media.

For five year Angel, alias 'El Mochomo', had had a price of 15 million COP (£3,237) on his head.

Last year, new Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador decided to reinvestigate the case "nearly from scratch."

The announcement came after 77 detainees were released amid allegations of official incompetence and corruption.

The suspect's brother and former cartel head Sidronio Casarrubias was arrested in 2014 as a main suspect of the mass kidnapping.

But after a judge last year determined he was being illegally held and tortured he was absolved.

The United Warriors was originally founded by a third brother, Mario, alias 'El Sapo Guapo' (The handsome toad).

Mario started the illegal gang when his former drug bosses were arrested.

A fourth brother Adan Zenenalias 'El Tomate' also become the leader of the cartel after Mario and Sidronio were arrested, although he was then captured in 2015.

There is allegedly a fifth brother Alfredo, who is an officer in the army which has kept his service record private citing the right to privacy.

The cartel is currently believed to be inactive with most members missing or in jail.

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Who is Baga Chipz? Drag queen and Celebrity MasterChef 2020 contestant

DRAG Queen Baga Chipz MBE rose to fame through appearing in the first series of RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

TONIGHT (July 1) Baga Chipz will appear on Celebrity MasterChef at 9pm on BBC One.

Baga Chipz is the stage name of British drag queen, Leo Loren.

Baga Chipz is 30 years old and a has won multiple awards for her work.

She's also involved in a drag troupe called The Buffalo Girls, who featured on reality show Drag Queens of London.

In RuPaul's Drag Race UK she came in at third place and has since continued to appear on TV in Roastbattle UK, Pointless Celebrities, X Factor: Celebrity and Channel 4's The Big Fat Quiz of the Year in 2019.

Baga Chipz has appeared in music videos, one theatre production at Trafalgar Studios, and starred in various web series, including Netflix's I Like To Watch UK.

She's known for impersonating Amy Winehouse as part of an act and claims to do an excellent Deirdre Barlow from Coronation Street.

When asked how the stage name came about, Baga Chipz told the BBC: "I was having a drink in a pub in Birmingham and this fella came up and started flirting with me and my mate.

"I said: 'Look, why do you want burger when you can have me, prime steak on a plate?' And he was like: 'Prime steak? More like a bag a chips.'"

In the same interview, Baga Chipz was asked about how the drag scene has changed in the last decade.

"Even the straight community watch Drag Race.

"I’d say eighty per cent of my show’s audience are heterosexual couples.

"Drag isn’t just for the LGBT community, it’s for everyone."

Baga Chipz can be found on Instagram at @bagachipz or on Twitter at @ChipShopBird.

Celebrity MasterChef begins TONIGHT (July 1) at 9pm.

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Who is Neil Baldwin and where is the Stoke City kit man now?

NEIL Baldwin is a former professional clown and Stoke City Football Club kit man.

TONIGHT (July 1) BBC Two is airing it's award-winning Marvellous again, a biographical drama about Neil Baldwin.

Who is Neil Baldwin?

Neil Baldwin is a 74-year-old from Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire.

As a child he had speech therapy after being diagnosed with a learning disability.

Aged 16 he left school to join the oldest circus in England, Sir Robert Fossett's Circus and performed as 'Nello' the clown.

Later he began greeting students at Keele University, where his mother was a cleaner. He wasn't paid or asked to do this.

After building his friendly reputation at the university he was given life membership of the Students' Union in 1968, then in 2013 was awarded an honorary degree.

At the time Neil said he felt "adopted by the student body over the last 50 years as something of a mascot for Keele".

In the 1990s he was made the kit man for Stoke City, and once again was known for lifting the spirits of the players.

Lou Macari was the manager at the time and he was "the best signing I ever made".

In 1993 he played as a substitute in a match for Stoke City against Aston Villa in the final five minutes of a testimonial match.

He has been presented with the Freedom of Stoke-on-Trent and Freedom of Newcastle-under-Lyme, plus Supporter of the Year by Stoke City separately all in 2015.

Where is he now?

In 2015 he published an autobiography titled Marvellous: Neil Baldwin – My Story.

Just last year he was awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) as part of the New Year Honours list, for "services to the community".

In Marvellous he is played by Toby Jones, the award-winning actor who has starred in The Hunger Games, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Doctor Who, and a host of other successfulshows and films.

Marvellous is 90 minutes long and first was shown in 2014.

While being about Neil, he actually appears in the TV film too.

It won Best Single Drama in the 2015 British Academy Television Awards, for which Neil collected the award.

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