Katie Price leaves friends horrified as she buys sexy red lingerie and hints at marriage to Carl Woods

KATIE PRICE left her friends horrified as she bought sexy red lingerie and hinted at marriage to Carl Woods.

The former glamour model, 42, had her friend and makeup artist Zoe go through her shopping haul – and she found more than she bargained for.

Zoe grilled Katie on her YouTube channel when she found her lingerie, which included a bra, pants and what she claims is a belt.

The makeup artist said at first: "What does it even do?"

Katie replied "It's a belt?"

Zoe then jabbed at her friend, saying: "You have two types of girls in life. You have Katie Price, and you have me. I would never wear that."

Later on they, found even more of the red skimpy lingerie, but Katie defended it – because it was all for her boyfriend Carl.

She said: "It will satisfy the man. Less is sometimes more."

Zoe then found a pink thong, holding it up and saying: "You'd need surgery to remove that. And you've had enough of surgery."

But she dropped the biggest hint things were heating up with Carl, and she did it via Yankee Candle.

The first was one that read "Wedding Day," and Zoe said: "As long as I'm the bridesmaid I don't care," before adding, "Hint, hint."

Putting them all in front of her, Katie's bestie noticed a bit of a pattern.

Zoe said: "It's all a bit of a storyline. Christmas, clean washing, babies, weddings. It's all a bit…"

"Relationshipy," Katie concluded.

Most cheekily of all, Katie bought a Clearblue ovulation test.

Acting innocent, Katie replies: "What else have I got in there? I forgot what I bought."

The pal then slaps the box, reading "Clearblue: Trying For A Baby" down on the table, asking: "Is there something you want to f**king tell me?"

Katie replied: "What, an ovulation kit? Well it's to know the days you can get pregnant and the days you can't.

"I thought I'd buy that and show it to Carl. It is in the papers apparently we're trying for a baby so I thought I'd test the waters and see what he says."

Katie is already mum to Harvey, 18, from her brief relationship with Dwight Yorke, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, her children with Peter Andre, and Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, with Kieran Hayler.

Katie and Carl's relationship has been moving at warp speed, with the loved-up pair even tipped to marry before the year is out.

The star has taken to calling herself 'Katie Woods' and even plans to get the numberplate "K WOODS" for her new car.

She is so taken with 31-year-old Carl that she shared the moment that her disabled son Harvey asked him to be his "daddy".

The former Love Island star has been helping Katie with her recovery after she injured herself jumping off a wall in Turkey – an accident which left her confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk.

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