Lucas Bravo Knows How You Feel About Emily in Paris

While everyone else was bingeing Emily in Paris, Lucas Bravo was avoiding it. “I don’t really like to watch myself, because I’m pretty hard on myself,” the French actor, who plays dreamy chef Gabriel in the Netflix comedy, tells “Where anybody would see a funny scene or something cute or anything, I just see all the [faults] and all the things I could have done better.” He feels differently about the series though. “I love the show,” he says. “I thought it was great and was so proud of it, but I cannot watch myself.”

Now, while quarantining in Budapest, Hungary, on the set for his next film, Bravo is conveniently detached from the full-on digital discourse Emily hath wrought. Though some have found solace in the campy Darren Star–created series in the midst of a strange year, others have found it to be frivolous and clichéd. (Is Lily Collins’s Emily even a good influencer? Why are her French coworkers stereotypically stuffy?) Some French critics even found the series “insulting.” As an actual French actor working on the show, Bravo understands the feedback, but he stands by the series—it’s supposed to be unrealistic.

“Yeah, there’s a bit of truth everywhere,” he says of the critique. “I think everybody’s entitled to his own opinion. And Paris is, as I said earlier in previous interviews, it’s very diverse, and there’s many stories to tell. So you have to choose an angle, and Darren shows his vision from when he was in Paris as a teenager. … It’s filled with comedy. [He] wanted for people to escape the crazy reality we’re all in right now. Some people like reality a little too much, which I understand as well, but otherwise, it would have been a documentary about Paris. And this is not what this show is. So I understand both points of view, I respect them.”

Perhaps something both camps can agree on is that Bravo is the heartthrob of the moment. If you scroll past the hot takes and complaints on Emily in Paris, you’re bound to find reactions like the following.

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