Pirates of the Caribbean: Disney ‘thought Johnny Depp was DRUNK’ during filming

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Pirates of the Caribbean sailed onto screens in 2003 and was instantly a hit. The film itself grossed $654 million at the box office, and spawned a billion dollar franchise, which saw five more films being released over the following decade. The franchise tells the story of a collection of fictional pirates who had been cursed by a treasure chest of Aztec gold. Based on the Disney theme park of the same name, the film was an original story, made even more memorable by Captain Jack Sparrow.

Audiences couldn’t get enough of Depp’s shambling incorehance and completely bonker portrayal

However it was this exact reason left the film’s producers and bosses terrified of how it would make the film look.

Depp recently made an appearance at the Zurich Film Festival this past weekend.

Although he has recently been wrapped up in a court case with his ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp took the time to answer some questions about his work.

Speaking specifically about Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp explained how Disney was “scared to death” of his work as Jack Sparrow.

According to Euronews, Depp said: “They were nervous, they were afraid no one would understand a word Captain Jack said.”

The nervousness displayed by Disney prompted them to supposedly ask if he was drunk on set.

Depp went on: “I got calls from them asking, ‘Is he drunk? Are you drunk? What’s the thing with his hands?’”

Despite the various criticisms during the film’s shooting, Depp explained it urged him to persevere with his performance.

Depp continued: “I wasn’t discouraged in the slightest, it fuels me.

“I know that if they’re worried, I’m doing my job. When they asked me to bring it down, I turned it up.”

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It is easy to see why Disney were nervous about Depp’s portrayal, considering they were originally going to cast Hugh Jackman in the role.

Pirates of the Caribbean writer Stuart Beattie spoke out about writing Jack Sparrow during an interview for On Stranger Tides.

He said: “I initially wrote that character with [Hugh] Jackman in mind.”

In fact, the writer went on to explain how the character was even named after the Australian actor.

Beattie revealed: “Hence the name, Captain Jack.”

“I had seen [Jackman] in all these musicals growing up. So I knew this guy was a phenomenal talent and so that’s what I thought of, ‘Jack. Yeah, Jack Sparrow!'”

When Jackman missed out on playing Jack Sparrow, he went on to take the role of Wolverine, placing him in yet another legendary franchise.

The Pirates of the Caribbean series is available on Disney Plus now.

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