The Simpsons takes aim at Toy Story and Spider-Man in first look at Halloween special Treehouse of Horror

THE Simpsons features a parody of Toy Story and Spider-Man in a first look at the Halloween special Treehouse of Horror.

The cartoon has a tradition of ringing in Halloween with its annual Treehouse Of Horror spoof episodes – and for the 31st instalment, it pays homage to Toy Story and Spider Man.

The annual Halloween special usually consists of three self-contained segments and often offers audiences parodies of well-known horror stories and films.

Viewers will be in for a treat after new photos were released teasing the terror and excitement in store for audiences.

The Simpson family have been on a series of ghoulish adventures mostly taking inspiration from sci-fi, supernatural and horror classics like 1980's The Shining.

This year’s segements are entitled Toy Gory, Into the Homerverse and Be Kind Rewind.

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Fans of the animated series are set be entertained by the chilling episode – the first sequence appears to be a parody of Toy Story while the second will be a horror spoof of Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

With fans thinking the final segment could be a parody of Jack Black’s 2008 comedy film Be Kind Rewind.

This is not be the first time that viewers have been left stunned by the popular animated series eerily accurate predictions of major life events – apparently foreseeing everything from Trump's presidency to 9/11.

As coronavirus continues to wreak havoc around the world, fans recently claimed that the show even predicted Hollywood legend Tom Hanks being diagnosed and isolated.

The Simpsons correctly – and shockingly – predicted Donald Trump would be America's president in an episode aired way back in 2000.

In the show Lisa refers to “inheriting quite a budget crunch from President Trump”.

Tom Hanks, 63, was hospitalised with coronavirus alongside his wife Rita Wilson in Australia.

Simpsons fans were quick to point out how the actor had a cameo in the series previously, where he was seen advertising a "new Grand Canyon" and claiming the US government had lost its credibility.

He added: "This is Tom Hanks saying if you see me in person, please, please leave me be."

While the link appears very loose, many social media users claimed the line from the actor was a chilling prediction of his illness all the same.

After watching a 1997 episode of The Simpsons, theorists believed that the US animated sitcom predicted the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

The instalment, titled Lisa’s Sax, showed Marge reading sick Bart a book called Curious George And The Ebola Virus.

After a viewer noticed the coincidence, they questioned whether it could be purely down to chance.

It looks like The Simpsons have been hitting the nail on the head with their scarily accurate predictions with other fans claiming that the series predicted Lady Gaga's superbowl halftime show and Prince's death.

Tune in to the premier of Treehouse of Horror XXXI on Sunday, October 18th on Fox.

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