British anti-maskers criticised for not wearing face masks on flight

British anti-maskers are labelled ’embarrassing’ for boasting about refusing to wear face coverings on a flight home from anti-lockdown protest in Berlin

  • Charisse Burchett tweeted the image after winning a ‘stand off’ with airport staff
  • Charisse was travelling on a flight with two women from Berlin to the UK
  • Many Twitter users were outraged at the post, describing the group as ‘pathetic’

A group of ‘selfish’ anti-maskers have been slammed online after posting a ‘victory’ photo of them posing without face coverings on a plane.

Charisse Burchett shared an image to Twitter of herself and two women beaming at the camera having apparently just won a ‘stand off’ with airport staff.

The group were flying with British Airways from Berlin back to London Heathrow Airport, but refused to wear face masks as they allegedly have a medical exemption.

However, their joy at having defeated ‘Nazi police’ has caused a backlash among social media users who branded the trio ‘an embarrassment to the UK’.

Above, Charisse poses with two women after they refused to wear face masks on their flight

Charisse posted the image on Wednesday with the caption: ‘We had a 10 Brit mask-less standoff at Berlin airport.

‘Police and authorities could not make us wear masks. Our last protest on German soil. I love this cheeky photo.

She later added: ‘It was a standoff and I have a film to prove it. The Nazi police and airport officials were incredibly intimidating.

‘You need to think about where this is heading and it’s not good.’

She added: ‘We had medical exemptions. But passengers can take theirs off to eat and drink? So the virus is not that deadly on a plane is it really? It’s about being compliant.’ 

Charisse shared the image on Twitter having apparently just won a ‘stand off’ with airport staff

Charisse describes herself as ‘a rebel not a slave’ on her Twitter profile

Charisse was on a British Airways flight from Berlin back to the UK when she and two other women refused to wear a mask

But many people were infuriated by the image, with many taking to Twitter to express their frustration. 

Twitter user Julie Hendry wrote under the post: ‘Masks don’t protect the wearer – they protect those around the wearer.

‘How on earth can people still be this illiterate about how masks work? People like you cause mask wearers to get sick because of your selfishness and ignorance.  

Louise Westlake tweeted: ‘Medical exemption, my a***. And all your friends have medical exemptions too? You are an embarrassment to the UK. Germany should ban you from ever darkening their doorstep again. Pathetic.’  

Thousands of Twitter users expressed their anger and frustration at the group for not following Germany’s coronavirus rules

Another user Amanda Brooks tweeted: ‘Clearly, education, manners and respect (including self respect) are qualities you do not have. Your families must be embarrassed. 

NHS worker Donna Martin said on Twitter: ‘I work in a Critical Care unit. I sincerely hope none of your family end up in one.  

In a damning tweet, Heather Ryan said: ‘I would class you as mentally ill. You also have children that you are willing to put in harm’s way because of your dangerous ideology. I despair.’

 However, some defended Charisse’s right not to wear a mask.

Twitter user ‘Cazi B’ wrote: ‘Way to go. Well done.’  

Responding to the backlash, Charisse tweeted: ‘We we were there supporting the doctors speaking up against the lies being told to you. 

‘The brave doctors that need to be heard. What’s happening is a global crime. I won’t be ashamed for standing against tyranny.’ 

Charisse defended her decision to not wear a mask amid an outcry from Twitter users

German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday warned Germany is heading for ‘disaster’ after regional leaders refused to sign off on her tough new coronavirus measures amid surging cases in Europe. 

Several German cities, including financial hub Frankfurt, have imposed a curfew on bars and restaurants, 10-person limits and compulsory use of masks in busy areas. 

But today, a Berlin court suspended the curfew on bars and restaurants, joining other courts in overturning government-imposed measures meant to contain the further spread of the coronavirus.  

Germany, like other countries across Europe, is dealing with a sharp rise in coronavirus infections. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases reported a daily increase by more than 7,300 new cases on Friday.

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