Cops search for man caught on video spitting at two women hikers before telling them he has Covid

POLICE are looking for a man who spit at two hikers in Massachusetts, and claimed he had Covid, because he was upset they were not wearing face masks.

One of the two female hikers captured the man spitting at them twice on video, before he declared, "I have Covid," and "I tested positive."

The man approached the women as they hiked along the Hudson Overlook on the Midstate Trail in Ashburnham on November 15, police said.

It's unclear what led up to the man's angry outburst, but it appears that he was angry that the women weren't wearing masks because it is the "law" in Massachusetts as coronavirus cases continue to spike across the US.

One of the women reportedly told him that she did not care, and she was not going to wear a mask while she was outside.

"That's not the law, that's not the law," the man responds, according to video footage.

A moment later, he says, "Selfish is what it is, completely irresponsible," before returning to spit at the two hikers.

The woman the spitting man was hiking with asks him to stop several times before he finally walks away from the women.

The identity of the wanted man has not been released, nor have the identities of the hikers.

Depending on the investigation, the spitting man could face a misdemeanor charge of assault and a charge of false threat of a biological agent, which is a felony, according to Ashburnham Lt Chris Conrad.

Despite his outburst, the spitting man was right about the face mask laws in Massachusetts.

Face masks or cloth coverings are required in all public places in the state – indoors or outdoors – even if people are able to maintain 6 feet of social distance.

Gov Charlie Baker issued the mask order on November 6.

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