Garbage truck tosses woman from bench in wild video

A viral video shows the moment an upstate New York garbage truck driver accidentally rips a bench out of the ground — sending a woman sitting on it to the pavement.

The unidentified woman was shown casually sitting on the bench in downtown Rochester, sipping a beverage as she watched the truck’s hydraulic arm come out to grab a nearby garbage can.

In so doing, the claw accidentally grabbed the edge of the bench’s right arm, yanking it out of the ground as it pulled the can back in — jolting the woman forward.

Her drink was also trashed, spilling as it flew out of her hand as she came to a stop just before hitting the truck on the edge of the street.

A witness quickly alerted the crew, with the woman stumbling forward again after her first bid to get to her feet.

The July accident was never reported, however — and only came to light late last month when someone came forward with the video now seen more than 620,000 times, Rochester officials told the Democrat and Chronicle.

“We’re really trying to reach out and find her, and make sure that she’s all right,” Karen St. Aubin of the city environmental services department told the paper of the mystery benched woman.

“We would love to know who she is and how she is.”

The driver retired shortly after the incident, but it was completely unconnected, officials said. The city law department was investigating, St. Aubin told the paper.

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