'Pure evil' boyfriend who killed his pregnant ex, 26, and their unborn son in knife attack is jailed for life

A JILTED ex-boyfriend was branded a 'baby killer' today as he was jailed for at least 35 years for killing his pregnant former lover and his unborn son in a frenzied knife attack.

Aaron McKenzie, 26, was described as 'pure evil' after he crept into Kelly Mary Fauvrelle's bedroom in Thornton Heath, South London in the early hours of 29 June last year and stabbed her 21 times.

He was in a jealous rage because he had found an online receipt for a gift she had bought her new partner.

McKenzie's son baby Riley was delivered via emergency C-section at the scene – seven weeks before the due date – but died after four days on a ventilator in hospital.

Ms Fauvrelle's family wept at the Old Bailey as the jury foreman returned guilty verdicts following just two hours of deliberation.

Her relatives cheered as McKenzie was led away and one family member, believed to be a cousin of the victim shouted: 'Baby killer'.


Ms Fauvrelle's mother, sister, and brothers endured hearing details of her terrible final moments and told the court how they tried everything to save her.

After the attack McKenzie took a driving lesson and pretended to the family he was devastated by Ms Fauvrelle's death.

But jurors were told he used his intimate knowledge of the house to sneak in through her patio door which she kept open in the evening.

CCTV captured him stalking through the darkened streets before he vanished inside the house.

He left 11 minutes and 20 seconds later and dashed off along the same street in Thornton Heath in South London and off into the distance.

At trial McKenzie invented a killer called 'Mike' in an effort to beat the charge after initially confessing to police.

McKenzie told the court he had even extracted a confession out of him.


In a victim impact statement, Miss Fauvrelle's sister Melissa said: "This was an act of pure evil."

She said her sister was a selfless, caring, loving woman with a "pure heart".

Her father Jean Fauvrelle said: "Aaron McKenzie's evil act has devastated our lives.

"My heart physically aches but those words do not feel sufficient."

He said his daughter and grandson had been "stolen", adding: "A baby comes into this world defenceless and it's up to his mother and father to love and protect him and give him the world. Instead his father took away his world."

This was an act of pure evil

Following the sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Mick Norman said Miss Fauvrelle's family had been "devastated".

He said: "I think it's very pertinent that the trial started on the anniversary of the day that she died."

"This has been a harrowing and distressing case for all concerned. My thoughts today are with Kelly-Mary's family, who have suffered immeasurable loss and been put through the agony of a trial.

"Their future with Kelly-Mary and Riley was so cruelly taken from them, and it is fitting that McKenzie's future has today been taken from him."

Judge Mark Lucraft gave McKenzie a life sentence with a minimum term of 35 years and said: "As is clear from the course if the trial you made no genuine expression or statement of remorse.

"The killing of Kelly was particularly violent and extreme. In the aftermath you destroyed evidence and concealed evidence from police which may implicate you.

"Your post-death conduct involved you masquerading as an innocent person.'

Ms Fauvrelle, 26, was in a relationship with McKenzie but left him in February last year, the Old Bailey heard.

McKenzie, of south London, denied murder, manslaughter and possession of an offensive weapon.

He was convicted of murder and was jailed for life with a minimum of 35 years.

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